Nectarine smoothie

Picture of Nectarine smoothie
Nectarine smoothie
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Step 1:

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Cut up some fresh nectarines.

Step 2:

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Dump them in a food processor or blender with coconut milk and cardamom.

For a lighter version, use soymilk with just a few spoon fulls of coconut milk.

Step 3:

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If the nectarines aren't sweet enough, try some agave nectar. It's not as thick as honey and so mixes in easily.

Step 4:

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Pour into a glass full of ice and serve.
badrang48 years ago
thos are peaches!
15213501 badrang42 months ago
No they are nectarines another fruit
ewilhelm (author)  badrang48 years ago
Actually, they are yellow nectarines.
they don't seem to be fresh......
but is delicious!
jakee1176 years ago
what is cardomon?
15213501 jakee1172 months ago
A spice
Cardamom is a spice that a lot of folks put in apple crisp and stuff BUT it is super powerful so use just a pinch! Look in the spice section at the market you get groceries from to find it. Most have it... :0)
gbvines7 years ago
the main picture looks a little odd...
badrang48 years ago
oh, sorry