Step 4: Attach Garden Hose Valve

Picture of Attach Garden Hose Valve
Drill a 1" hole near the bottom of the barrel. The adapter and washer go on the inside of the barrel. The valve goes on the outside. The toughest part of this is that it requires someone with a really long arm to hold the adapter while someone else screws on the hose valve.
Stavros!7 months ago

To increase the flow of water out of the barrel use a 3/4" 1/4 turn ball valve instead of that hose valve. The ball valve has a much bigger diameter hole inside to allow water out that the hose valve.

cytoxin5 years ago
Where did you get the parts for the hose connectors? I checked Home Depot and Lowes and couldn't find anything like these...
McSensei (author)  cytoxin5 years ago
Home Depot and Lowes _should_ have those parts. However, i found them at a local farm supply store, Rural King. With hindsight, I'd use larger-diameter hoses for the project. Garden hose is just too small to allow a significant amount of water to flow at "rain-barrel pressure".
Ryutso5 years ago
Or you flip the rain barrel over and have someone stand inside it and hold the 2 parts.