Need a Pipe Bending Machine/malt Purpose


Introduction: Need a Pipe Bending Machine/malt Purpose

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This bull bar is home made which i did made by my self. no the problem was on bending the galvanized pipe of gauge 5mm. i had to do by making many cuts and bending then welding and grinding. but this had to consume my time to be honest. im in zambia and i can be grateful if i could be taken into consideration 



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    Nice work there. To build your own pipe/tube bender do a search on Google or Scribd. The older Popular Mechanics will,almost certainly, have something you could adapt.

    That is beautiful workmanship. Welding and grinding galvanized is not much fun and the fumes are a hazard.

    The barwork looks good, would like to see a picture of the inside of the bend (where you did all the welding and grinding)