Need Help Identifying This Bayonet


Introduction: Need Help Identifying This Bayonet

This item is new to my collection, and I am having a hard time identifying it.  Any thoughts are greatly appreciated.

Overall length is 15"
Blade is 9.75" - 10"

both the weapon and sheath have "61885" stamped on them.  Sheath has an unrecognizable symbol stamped on opposite side of number stamp.

Blade is only sharpened along one edge.



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Game v8 is entirely correct that type o bayonet could either be used on a mauser or a mosin nagat if the barrel wasnt so big but yes it is definatly russian or yugo in origin

look what i found

Thats a M48 Mauser Bayonet manufactured at the Preduzece 44 factory in Yugoslavia

Erod is right, russian ww2

Not a nagant..the early nagant used a spike bayonet.this looks like maybe a Swedish Mauser. Maybe

I just bought a small bayonet and was told it was an earl 1900's the numbers on the blade is 31418 and the sheath has numbers 85059 cannot find anything on this and was wondering what it is worth i also have another bayonet print on blade says 1907 and have no clue what it is worth could anyone help me out with this

Hey it's a Yugoslavian Mauser bayonet that's original you can sell that off decent money

Only one edge sharpened so probably originally a hunting knife turned into bayonet. Not made in us because of writing. Maybe Asia?

You can get the writing on it translated in my opinion looks Israeli

Looks Russian cause of the writing.

It doesn't look like a bayonet but maybe a dagger ether way it is German or Russian

Not on subject .I had a bayonet, it was marked "ARTILLIERTA DE TOLEDO 1899." Since I didn't collect bayonets, I took it apart, put a brass gaurd and a zebra wood handle on it. Holds an edge like tou wouldn't beleve.

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Already answered but yes, its for the Yugo Mauser.

I'ts yugoslavian, preduzece 44 was part of the factory "Zastava" that made those bayonettes with the m48 called PAP short for "poluautomatska puška" (semiautomatic rifle) and was build on the pattern of the german K98

GameV8 has nailed it, for confirmation have a look at the following ebay review: