Introduction: Needle Felt Gnome

Picture of Needle Felt Gnome

Step 1: Head

Picture of Head

Make a very tight ball of flesh colored yarn for the head. Use whatever color you like. I used Lion Brand Baby Alpaca Tan.

Step 2: Body

Picture of Body

Make a very tight ball of yarn for the body. I used Lion Brand Alpine Wool Chili.

Step 3: Hat

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Make a very tight cone shaped ball of yarn for the hat. I used Lion Brand Alpine Wool BlueBerry.

Step 4: Connecting the Head and Body

Picture of Connecting the Head and Body

Cut strips of yarn the same color the gnomes shirt will be.

Step 5: Connecting the Head and Body

Picture of Connecting the Head and Body

Using your Clover NeedleFelting Pen, felt the strips of yarn to the bottom of the head. Be sure to make it very secure. Place the head onto the body. Smooth the strips of yarn down the body, and felt them very secretly.

Step 6: Hair

Picture of Hair

Felt yarn to the top, back and sides of the head to make hair.

Step 7: Add the Hat

Picture of Add the Hat

Cut strips of yarn the same color as the hat. Felt them very securely to the top of the head. Place the hat onto the head and smooth the strips of yarn over the hat and felt them to the hat very securely.

Step 8: Carding Yarn

Picture of Carding Yarn

Cut strips of the same yarn that you used to make the hat, face, and body. Also cut strips of what ever color that you want the pants to be. Lay each color separately on your carding brushes, and drag the brushes against each other until the yarn is changed to roving.

Step 9: A Smooth Finish

Picture of A Smooth Finish

Put the color of roving onto the area that you want to work on. With one hand smooth the roving out nicely, with the other hand felt it into place. Be sure to penetrate deeply into the wool and felt each area completely.

Step 10: Belt

Picture of Belt

To add the belt just wrap yarn around the desired area and felt it into place.

Step 11: Feet

Picture of Feet

Cut strips of yarn to make the feet. Wrap the strips of yarn. Felt the feet into place in the bottom in a horse shoe shape. This helps make it stand securely on its own.

Step 12: Arms and Hands

Picture of Arms and Hands

Make the arms the same way the feet were made. Cover them with roving. Felt the arms to the back of the gnome and down the sides. Put small balls of flesh colored fiber at each end to make hands.

Step 13: Face

Picture of Face

Add a small ball of fiber for the nose. Add eyes and a mouth. Use some of the yarn that you used for the hair to make a beard and mustache.

Step 14: Other Gnomes

Picture of Other Gnomes

Use your imagination to make all kinds of gnomes!


gnomedriver (author)2017-07-30

Gnomes are cool.

ymasullo (author)2013-11-23

I saw your Gnome! I was going to post mine but you are the best…good luck! (YM)

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