Note: I created this tutorial last Sunday, sitting cross-legged on my bed, taking one-handed photos with my phone, all with anywhere from 1 to 3 cats within arms-reach at all times. (Cat-proximity is not relevant to the project but, I just thought you should know.)

This is a way to power some LED necklaces with a less-bulky battery pack. This needle felted battery holder attaches at the back of the necklace, which also makes it easy to have a light-up jewelry piece that only turns on when it's clasped. 

If you are as excited about the possibilities of mixing needle felting, the most addictive fiber art on the planet, and soft circuitry, here's a nice little exploration.

Step 1: Materials & Tools

For Felting:
  • A hunk of wool roving in whatever colors you like - less than 1/4 oz
  • 1 or 2 felting needles
  • 1 piece of foam

eTextile goodies:
(Bekathwia has a great starter kit for sewing LED circuits. She's the one who taught me!)
  • a 3v coin cell battery
  • Conductive thread - about 24"

Other Tools:
  • a Sewing Needle
  • 2 Figure-Eight Eye Rings
  • Scissors
<p>Totally cool! Thanks for a great instructible.</p>
Very cool share, I'm a needle felter but also interested in using LED lights and some old glass slides, so this could help me figure out the techie stuff that I find so challenging . Off, to check out your felting site : )
What happens when the battery dies? Can you rip it open and re-felt it?
yes indeed! you just want to cut it at the side seam and be careful not to disturb the connections.<br><br>cheers!
Good Idea..........
Where was this tutorial when I needed it yesterday before that coin battery blew up on me??!!
Sniff, sniff... I think I smell my next craft addiction! This is awesome. I needle felt &amp; have conductive thread... make jewelry... hmm! By the way, I made my last -ible in half an hour at the laundromat. :-)

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