This piece is a combination of needle felting and embroidery.  I found this image online which I really loved and wanted to turn it into something real - a picture or a pillow, or something like that.  It seemed like the perfect opportunity to experiment with an idea I had to felt a flat image onto fabric, and embellish it with embroidery.

Step 1: Materials

You'll want to gather up a variety of wool roving, a thick piece of foam, and a felting needle.  You'll also want embroidery floss, an embroidery hoop, and needles for the embellishment.

There are a lot of ways to transfer your image onto your canvas (in this case, my canvas is some fabric from a discarded bed sheet!).  Since my fabric was sheer enough to see through, I placed the image underneath and used a water-soluble marker to trace the image onto the fabric.  The marker will disappear when sprayed with water!

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cute <br>
This also works quite well with most yarns, and other fiberous materials (Felt, obviously!). I used yarn to felt a spider on to a plain sweatshirt for my mother once, though I imagine wool roving is much better for bigger projects!
This is adorable! Thanks for sharing this! I bought some supplies to try this last year. Just haven't tried it yet! You might have pushed me a little to give it a go.
wow..I&quot;ve never even heard of doing this before...i like it! Sounds like fun..i like danger..I have stabbed myself too many times with a sewing needle..i think i can do this! :)
This is SOOO cute! I love it!
I always break for fiber arts postings..lol.. I have some I need to be creative with too.. You have inspired me!
Dinowin RARRWR
Well said, dinosaur!
This is adorable!!
RARW it means I love it in dinosaur.
RARW it means I love it in dinosaur.
How <em>completely</em> <strong>cute</strong> is that!?!?!?!
Raar too!
really really cute, love it. :)
I think this is my next valentines gift for my boyfriend! So cute!
My daughter made the same saying,only different, &quot; Roar is Monster for I love you.&quot; on a T-shirt for my grandson. It worked really well. Really cute and well done.
Super cute!
Going to have make one of these for my Sister!
Amazing <br>Nice job!
RaRr to you too.. So cute! =)
Aww that is like the sweetest think ever!! <br>btw u speak dinosaur too?? it's very rare to find someone that can
This is so cool! You speak very good dinosaur.
This is the most adorable thing I have ever seen!

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