Step 3: Add the Owl's Belly

Take a small piece of wool roving in a lighter shade for the belly, fold it into the shape you want and felt it onto the body piece by simply poking straight down through the new colour into the body.

You can always add more if needed by simply taking another little piece and felting it on to adjust the shape or make his belly thicker.
my daughter and I made them. :)
<p>So much fun to make! </p>
He's not quite as neat and tidy as your little guys, but I'm getting there :) thanks so much for this great instructable!
What a great little tutorial, nicely done, thanks for sharing. I am newly into felting and I am going to try this out. :)
I've never needle felted before but after reading this I really want to try it. <br>I've seen many beautiful pieces and though it would be difficult to do. <br>You've made it seem easy even for a complete beginner.Thank you! <br>Off to order a starter kit!
They are adorable!
That is so adorable! I love his little beak!
Too cute! :)
so cute!
Oh, they're so sweet! I've been wanting to try felting for a long time and this looks like an easy first project. :)
careful - once you start felting it's hard to stop!!
So cute. This little owl is the perfect project for a beginner... which would be me!<br> <br> Can I suggest a few added keywords to broaden the search in multiple engines?<br> <ul> <li> how to&nbsp; <li> beginner project&nbsp; <li> easy </ul> This wonderful project deserves all the exposure you can give it. ;-) &nbsp;Excellent work!!!
Thanks for the tip!
Great Project for a beginner!! Which I am! I must compliment you on your excellent <br>teaching instructions. Simple step by step guide is perfect. Thank you so much.
Thanks for you kind words.
I &lt;3 Owls
Me too. I listen to them in the evenings from my bedroom window.
Congratulations on being a finalist in the fiber arts contest!! Good luck to you!

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