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Introduction: Needle Felted Peep

I made a needle felted peep. And what inspired me to make a peep is I've been going to a lot of stores and I've seen a lot of peep plush toys and I wanted to make one of my own. I know how to needle felt so I started to make a bunny peep and once I finished I liked it so much that I started making more. Then I decided to make an original peep and my mom requested me to make an Instructable about it and so I did!

Step 1: Tools

To make a peep you need: A felting needle, a cube of foam, and yellow and black wool roving. The needle has prongs to keep the wool together.

Step 2: Make Peep Body

1. Take a piece of yellow roving and put it on the cube of foam.

2. Poke the needle into the roving lots and lots of times to shape it like a ball.

3. Shape the ball into a teardrop using the needle.

4. Pull the roving off the foam cube.

5. Reshape the bottom of the teardrop body with the needle.

Step 3: Make Peep Head

1. Make an oval shape and form it into a teardrop with the needle.

2. Make a curve for the neck by pinching the skinny part of the teardrop and poke the needle right below where you are pinching.

Step 4: Attach Neck

1. Take the neck and put it on the teardrop body with the skinny side up.

2. Poke the needle through the bottom of the neck until it sticks together and becomes one piece.

3. Shape the beak like a pointed bird beak by pinching the end of the beak and poking with the needle.

Step 5: Add Eyes

1. Take a small piece of black roving and roll it in your fingers until it becomes a tight ball.

2. Put the eye on the side of the head and poke with the needle until it sticks onto the head.

3. Do the same thing on the other side of the head.

I also made a bunny peep just for fun!

I hope you liked this and try to make one!



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    Peeps are so cute and you did a great job!