As I have developed the needle felting to 2dimensional pieces, I wanted to experiment with it's possibilities. 
I am a fan of applique, (layering of fabric to create an image) especially when combined with free hand machine stitching.
With this in mind, I chose the subject matter of Alice in Wonderland, with her little pal there and my usual twist of fairytales.


to check  out my blog probably for bits you may get stuck on.  

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needle felt (wool tops / roving)
needle felting needles and handle
foam backing ( i use bit off old sun chair)
pre - felt
sewing machine
fabric and fabric scissors
an idea in mind and colour scheme

When using fabric, let it be your guide for colour scheme, it can easily get fussy looking..so hold up a scrap next to you wool supplies and see what suits..work from this pile.

Use a decent fabric scissors..life is too short
oh a a few pins to secure thin bits of fabric when sewing.

Step 1:

Draw out the image in pencil on pre-felt
Trace lightly over in marker once you are happy with the placement.
trace out shape you want the fabric, cut and lay out on pre-felt

(you can see the tree branch is over the face..I always leave it until I am stitching in this area and then cut, incase it slips.)

Secure in place with the sewing machine
<p>I love your picture :-) and definitely love the way you have done it :-) I love to appliqu&eacute; have done for years mixed in with embroidery work and bead work too :-) now I will add needle felting to the list of appliqu&eacute; work :-) </p><p>Thank you for such a wonderful idea :-) I can use this on the quilts I design and make but I can also use this idea on some up recycling of some old jeans into skirts too :-) now my hands are itching to get started :-) just wish my workshop was finished being built :-) oh well for now saving to my collections so when I can I am ready to go :-)</p>
Thank you for the instructable, I love it!

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