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A couple of weeks ago, I mentioned in a comment, something about storing my needle files in "corrugation".  Someone has asked me what I meant and I thought it might be best to explain in an Instructable.

First: Do NOT use corrugated cardboard to store ferris metal tools.  Paper absorbs moisture and if you use it, your files will rust in a very short time.

Visit any Real Estate office and ask for an old sign.  Realtors love having their signs printed on long-lasting corrugated plastic sheets and will eagerly let you have one for free.  This plastic has larger, better formed corrugated openings than cardboard and will not damage your tools.

Plastic corrugation is perfect for storing needle files, mini screwdrivers, brushes or any other fine handled tool in your stable.



Boy Genius (author)2012-02-17

You could store burins in this container. Burins are sharp, narrow cutting tools used for incising metal. Small V-gouges for woodwork could fit in this, as well.

bfk (author)Boy Genius2012-02-17

Thanks for your comment. I also use the corrugated material to hold small items on pins & held to small dowels with removable putty in my paint booth. I "borrowed" the new square box from my wife. Makes cutting and fitting a lot easier.

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