Picture of Needle Tatted Chainmaille
Using tatted rings, weave a simple European 4 in 1 chainmaille scarf.

Step 1: Materials and Skills

Picture of Materials and Skills
Yarn, I used superwash wool sock yarn, but any will do.
Yarn Tatting Needle, I used a #2 needle, but match the yarn width to the needle (needles can be found on hhtatting.com)


I make chain maille and I do needle tatting. Now I can do both at once. Thanks. :D

kuato2 years ago
This just blew my mind...I found this on accident, now want to learn tatting *just* because of this instructable!
egypt20322 years ago
Tatted chainmaille...never would have thought of that but it is freakin amazing!
gsmp3 years ago
When you find the time...could you please do a demonstration video on this tutorial? I would forever be grateful...=)
tinareilly3 years ago
Awesome idea! Thank you for the clear instructions, I can't wait to try it out :-)
cokecola4 years ago
I tat and do chain maille and I'm gonna try your idea with some other weaves.
Good job, cool idea
TotusMel (author)  cokecola4 years ago
Great! I want to do that too. Hopefully I'll get around to it soon.
sunshiine4 years ago
Very pretty.
canida4 years ago
Oh wow, this is cool!