Needle Tatting Split Rings & Josephine Chains





Introduction: Needle Tatting Split Rings & Josephine Chains

About: I'm a tattooed needle tatter, a stay at home mom and a homeschooler. I sell my work on etsy. I hope to offer a few patterns more here as I get the time. You can also follow me on twitter as TotusMel and read...

This is a companion video of two techniques in my Needle Tatting a Necklace instructable. It is quick and assumes you have basic needle tatting skills.



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    Thank you very much for these tutorials; they are greatly appreciated.

    Have a wonderful day!!!

    Thank you so much for doing these tutorials! I'm just getting started and yours are my first tatting projects after watching a few 'how to's' for beginners! It's crazy exciting learning something new and this was really, really helpful for us visual learners! :) Thanks!!!! :) :) :) :)

    this is really awesome, I have been making jewelry for awhile now & have been searching for something else to do for the winter months, so happy I fell upon this site & your video, can also intergrate this into my jewelry too! have a great week ahead... shara aka bluejeanladybluez

    Hi, I have been having great fun learning to tat from you tutorials :) But I'm having a little trouble with my Josephine chains- I can make them on the needle but when I go to pull them off either they are too tight to get off the needle or they are very loose around the centre sting and distort to the point thst they are fairly unrecognizeable. I am using a doll needle (no-ones heard of a tatting needle so couldn't buy one). Is it possible my needle is too fat (it is the twice the width of the thread (size 10) or is their something else I'm doing wrong... Thankyou again for the great tutorials!

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    One of the things about Tattting needles is how the needle is shaped at the eye for the thread. The needle is a consistent width. Most doll needles I've seen are broader at the eye that causes problems with moving the stitches off the end of the needle past the eye. This increased width of the needle means the stitches have to tighten up as they pass over the eye. I became aware of this once I purchased tatting needles.

    The other day I checked and Michael's had them listed on their website so I went to the store because I bought them there twelve years ago. I couldn't find them so I asked a clerk who had been there many years. When I asked about "tatting needles" she acted like I was talking another language. She had never heard of tatting. I went to Hobby Lobby and they had both shuttles and needles. The needles ran $11.95 for three needles (sizes 3, 5 and 7, size 8 was included as a bonus). They had the same needles with a "How To" book for $22.95. I also have ordered them from Snow Goose Lace. Prices were I recall.

    lol, so funny, I just did the same thing today. 3 major stores do not carry tatting needles. I can't believe there isn't any here in Utah. ???? there are also really long tapastry needles that I was going to get first, until I saw the doll needles in the notions Isle at Hobby Lobby.

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    I ordered mine on and had them shipped to store. It was the cheapest place I could find. Amazon had some too but they cost more with the shipping.

    Thanks so much! Try to do a dragonfly for my daughter and it has split rings! This really help!!


    Wow!!! That is just so awesome!! I just learned how to needle tat. All I have been doing is making rings and butterfly's to work on my tension. I just sat here and watched most of your videos. Thank you sooo sooo much for doing this! I can't wait to try this. I want to make my daughter some special jewelry for Christmas. I have been looking at designs and thinking there is no way I can do any of that until I saw your videos!! I can't wait to get started!