Needle Through Balloon Revealed





Introduction: Needle Through Balloon Revealed

Not a trick or an illusion: this is real! A normal balloon is examined and blown up by a spectator and then a long needle is plunged through the balloon without popping it. Learn how to do this amazing feat. No scotch tape or any gimmicks.



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As an alternative to a drop of oil, I discovered that Vaseline will also work. Coat the needle with a thin coating of Vaseline. And a knitting needle works just as well.

This is not surprising because Vaseline is a petroleum oil based product.

where did u get the big needle and wat is a needle that big used for?

I got it a magic store. I'm not sure if needles this big are used for things other than magic.

i once did this at school. it first popped because there was not enough stuff of it.

Insanely awesome

Insanely awesome


dont work for me:-(

That was very quick of you to try this had the big needle and latex balloons on hand did ya? ;-) This does require some practice...try just poking one end using a regular but very sharp needle, as described.