Step 16: First Battery Connection

Insert the needle and conductive thread attached to one side of the LED at the top of the body/neck, bringing the needle out through the center of the back indentation.

Thread the other conductive thread on the needle and insert it through the top of the body, bringing the needle out to one side of the back indentation, making sure that the Prince's face is pointing forward. Be careful that the two pieces of conductive thread are not made to touch or cross paths (temporary touching while sewing is fine, as long as they don't touch by the time a battery is involved).

Cut small squares of conductive fabric/tape. If you don't want to use conductive fabric, you can just make large knots on either side of the pocket to serve as battery terminals, but you're more likely to end up with glitches in the switch operation that way.

Attach the conductive fabric close to the Prince's body in the battery indentation with a few stitches, then tie and clip thread end behind the fabric. If not using a tape, you could secure the conductive fabric into the indentation with a small amount of fabric glue.

Use the fine felting needle to tack the corners of the fabric to the Prince's body. Take small wisps of apple green roving and felt into a thin frame covering the edge of the conductive fabric - this helps both secure the fabric and prevent shorts.
Amazing and perfectly executed!
I ♥ Katamari!
That looks awesome, and your directions are great! I really need to learn needle felting so I can learn this!
I absolutely LOVE this!
WE LOVE KATAMARI!!!! :D it's true, we do!!!
Adorable! I've never played the game before but this looks like an awesome project!
nice work!

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