Step 9: Finished!!!

Now that my tombstone are done, all I have to do is sit back and watch them bring fright to the world. 

I hope some of you decide to build these and add cool new ideas to them.

Have a happy and safe Halloween, and good luck with your spooky endeavorers...
I ALWAYS have trouble when free-hand routing something like the letters on your tombstone. The bit catches the material and off it goes, somewhere I didn't intend it to go. I'm no weakling either. <br><br>Seems like the only way I could letter as well as you did would be to attach a straight piece of wood to the piece I'm routing and use it as a guide. I'd have to move the straight edge for every cut.<br><br>I've tried different router speeds and have the same bit wandering problem. <br><br>What's your secret?
The only thing I can think of is maybe you need more speed, or a sharper bit. otherwise i'm not sure what the issue might be. I used a 2 &amp; 1/4 horse power Skill router, and set the bit at about 1/4 inch.<br><br>
nice thing ;)
WOW those are really neat, your going in my fav file for next yr
is it neither--niether-- nor or is it nether?
'Nether' it's supposed to be :D
Neither neither nor &quot;niether&quot;? Try saying that nine times fast...

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