The Spark Core Internet Button Shield only has 11 NeoPixel LEDs, but has space for and practically screams for the 12th LED to complete the circle.

And what could be more fun than making a fascinating clock with Internet connected LEDs?!

HackBergen participated in the Spark Core November 2014 Build Night, and it is nice to make something that can be reprogrammed and extended later on.

So this is a Spark Core with Internet Button Shield, installed in a cheap promo-gift clock casing and powered by a USB cable.

It is easier to read than a Binary Clock, but still a bit more challenging and interesting than a normal one.. :)

After having it in the living-room for a while it has proven that the LEDs are very usable in a darkened room and works very nice as a companion to the TV.

Step 1: What We Need

  • ws2812b 5050 chip
  • Thin wire from an old hard drive cable (or some other thin single core wire)
  • Soldering iron and accessories
  • Lupe/magnifying glass (optional)
  • TackIt (optional)
  • Glue
  • Tweezers (optional)
  • USB type A,B donor cable
  • Promotional donor Clock like this one.
  • 4.5mm drillbit
  • Perfboard, pertinax type
  • 8 pins of header male pins.
  • File
  • 3D printer/CNC cutter/Jigsaw - I used a Shapeoko, but a jigsaw should do the trick.
  • A piece of material to make inlay of. I used an old HDPE 7mm cutting board.
<p>Hi, is there a chance that will work on an ESP8266 <br>Node-MCU?</p>
<p>ESP8266 can control neopixels and could sync with clocks on the net, so it should be capable. My program relies on the Particle Cloud to do the clock, so the programming for that would have to be added.</p><p>Other than that it should be fine, without me actually knowing.. :)</p>
<p>Really cool design!</p>
<p>Thankyouthankyou.. :)</p>
<p>Great build ! Nice to reuse old items to make the casing so classy !</p>

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