Learn to make this beautiful chair with lego the future, the neocube

Step 1: Materials

neocube 216
a little patience

Step 2: The Cube

One. make 6 lines neocube as in image 2
Two. joins them as in picture 3
Three overlay a square 6x6 in the range as in picture 4
lastly it should be a cube

Step 3: The Chair

One. remove a square as in picture 3
Two. Now remove a rectangle 5x6 as in picture 4
Three. add the rectangle and square as in picture 5
Four. down what's left of the square to the rectangle
Good try.<br> <a href="http://www.supramagnets.com/8-5mm" rel="nofollow">Buckyballs</a> from SupraMagnets.com
Great photos!!
thanks! what do think of the project?
Would make a nice seat for a robot action figure!

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