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I usually take apart electronics at my desk (one of my favorite hobbies). When I do, screws fall on the floor which is terribly annoying.

So, as an inventor, I'm not going to get off my chair and pick them up.

The parts I used are:

A neodymium magnet from a hard drive

One screw and a nut

An umbrella handle

And, tons of cable ties

Step 1: Selfie Monopod

I hate taking selfies so I didn't do this, But it is also possible to attach a phone bracket like this one, glue the magnet onto the bracket and attach the phone.

Be careful when putting a magnet near your phone screen!

Step 2: This Works for Most Magnetic Jars

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Badger55 (author)2017-11-12

Small upgrade, Put a plastic bag over the magnet before using it.

Remove the bag and the screws will come with the bag, no more fighting with small screws, metal dust, etc.

Yonatan24 (author)Badger552017-11-13

Great tip! :)

seamster (author)2015-07-28

This looks very useful! Nicely done.

Yonatan24 (author)seamster2015-08-13

Thanks :)

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