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This is the second bike I have decked out with green and blue LEDs.

The LEDs were purchased at

The neon underglow was created with HDPE hose tube found in the plumbing area at Lowes.

Batteries and switch all contained in one trusty Altoids tin.


ffemenias (author)2011-06-23

Not sure if rfhdf and you are the same but here goes: Your project is very good. I like the fact that it's efficient too ( that's a big plus!). I see the photos are taken in complete darkness and they look awesome! How does it stand when under street lighting and/or cars hitting it with their beams? Either way, it's still an excellent project well made.

catman529 (author)ffemenias2012-02-06

rfhdf copied my ible. Thanks for the compliments though, still got this setup on my bike, I love having some lights while I ride

batman96 (author)2011-09-09

I think this guy copied your ible.

catman529 (author)batman962012-02-06

Thanks, just got around to seeing this. Yeah he copied it for who knows what reason.

zazenergy (author)2011-03-09

This looks pretty cool, though clearer pictures would be awesome. I have been attaching Spoke POVs to my bike. How did you attach your LED's?

catman529 (author)zazenergy2011-03-12

How would you suggest clearer pics? More background light? it's hard to take good dark pics with my point and shoot. Instructables degraded the original quality of the pics too. I attached the LEDs and the plastic tubes via electrical tape, packaging tape, zip ties, a bit of hot glue, works well so far other than one zip tie that came loose.

axlejor (author)2011-03-09


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