The Neon Bulb was used to replace the incandescent bulb in electrical equipment.
First in a series of Neon Bulb projects to re-introduce the NE2 component.
110 to 125 VAC ONLY !
Here we start with the easiest circuit.
The Neon Indicator.

Update: 3/1/2013 see pictures below.

Step 1: Parts Sources:

All the parts can be had from Old junk equipment
Radio Shack
Mouser Electronics
What ever source you normally use.

<p>I just got more than 30 red neon lights, lamp assembly, indicator lamp, etc... at radio shack for 5$. Savings of 85$ lol. </p>
<p>Neon bulbs fire at around 90 volts so some interesting effects can be had by using them with a lamp dimmer.</p>
Hrm, thanks for the tip. ^^ And was thinking, i have some old power supplies layin around, would one work well as a source possibly? With all the wiring hookups seems like itd make things a whole lot simpler.
<p>As long as the Power Supplies put out at least 90 volts it would work.</p>
just a question, istn't better to put a 33k ohm / 1 w in series with the lamp , instead a capacitor ? or what advantages gives a capacitor over a resistor ? i have that kind of lights as a nice night lamp since i was a kid an in fact, that was my first contact with electronics <br> <br>salutes from mexico
Actually I made this plug-in Neon Indicator with out the capacitor and it works just fine.
so you put the neon lamp DIRECTLY to the ac voltage ? isn't it dangerous to it, considering the amount of current that must be supported by the lamp ? i have found that with the 33 k resistor the current is more safe than connecting it directly, and you makes it life so mucho longer
I placed a 100 ohm 1/4 watt resistor instead of the cap to limit current. <br>The Ne2 generally lasts 25,000 hours with a resistor and without it will only last about 8,000 hours. Either way its ah long time. <br> <br>I have added other schematics for the Neon Lamp that wants different resistors to work with 120V. The circuits were designed for 220V.
wait for it<br />
There It Is !

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