Light painting is a tecnique to control lighting in photography. Also flash photography is a simple light painting, because you choose where flash is pointing, how much powerful it is, which colour its light is. But this tecnique could be very complicate too, as you can see with a simple Flickr search.
My contribution at this nice modern art has been done in different ways, with a neon light, with a led stripe, and even with car's headlights ;-)
Now I explain you how to build a neon paintbrush.

Step 1: One Option

To recover a neon portable light you have different choices. You can search a little desk usb lamp as this one, which has already a nice container, a good switch and needs a power of only 5 volts. With this you only have to cut the USB cable and connect it to a battery holder. Or you also could retrieve a female USB socket to keep intact the desk lamp. You certainly don't need an instructable to build this type of neon paintbrush ;-) 
Wow! This was very cool! Thanks for sharing! I'm goign to try building some of these for myself and my friends. Awesome.
Beautiful art! Well done.

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