Motor feather, it's cold outside.

Make this wearable high tech, low tech scarf with a built-in thermometer.

No longer will you be wondering how really cold it is when you step outside.

This is suitable as a nice beginner project to delve into Arduino with sensors and neopixel LEDs.

Step 1: Crafty Electronics...

Most of the stuff I used I had on hand except a DHT11 humidity and temperature sensor module that I got as the first purchase of the new year.

I reused an Adafruit Flora arduino board, a short length of neopixel strip and a neopixel ring.

I had some leftover white microfleece fabric which I used for the scarf. Anything soft in a light solid color will do.

The finished width of the scarf is about 6 inches wide and the length around 6 feet long.

You will need a small bit of fiberfill batting to diffuse the neopixels or just use a layer of the microfleece.

For the diffuser and neopixel pockets, use something like a muslin or thin light fabric.

You can make the scarf all with a regular sewing machine. I also use a serger as I find that it is useful for straight seams that can be sewn and trimmed at the same time.


<p>Congratulations on your win. Great project.</p>
<p>Thanks. And congratulations to you too. The real satisfaction in making is that you have fun with it.</p>
<p>Oh, absolutely. </p>
Congrats on a great win! That was a phenomenal idea!!!
<p>Thanks. It was really a last minute mashup that was fun to do.</p>
<p>Thanks for the awesome inspiration!! I had some lovely plum wool that was apparently just waiting for such a cool project as this. I embroidered the temperature numbers, and tube-knitted a sheath for the LED strip to be housed into. </p><p>https://www.instructables.com/id/Variable-sized-Knitting-Tube/</p><p>https://www.instructables.com/id/Variable-sized-Knitting-Tube/</p>
<p>Some indoor pics. I used an analog temperature sensor. Works fine, just takes a second or two longer than digital. I also had to use a 1500 mAmp LiPo, as the 150 or 180 didn't supply a consistent current for an accurate reading.</p>
<p>You should submit your pics to Adafruit for their blog. They love to see wearables projects, and especially if you used a Flora. </p>
<p>It was a big hit at the Pond, for sure. Good idea about adafruit.. I totally forgot about that. Going to the blog now...</p>
<p>With your knit technique, it would be cool to make one of those EL wire stickman costumes and skate around in the dark...at least a hoodie, just saying...</p>
<p>That is fantastic! I bet that scarf draws a crowd and fun to watch when you go inside someplace warm after skating. </p>
<p>You're killing me...that's hilarious! I am WAY to tech-challenged to make it, but not to appreciate what you came up with...innovative and fun! And voteworthy :)</p>
<p>Thanks. Not getting hypothermia is serious business.</p><p>It's just a few wires to connect and some sewing, ok, you have to use a computer,...give it a go.</p>
<p>this is great.. you should actually make it heated..</p><p><a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/usb-heated-clothing/">https://www.instructables.com/id/usb-heated-clothin...</a></p><p>very original.!!</p>
<p>Actually, if it were heated, would that affect the near temperature and the whole point of the scarf? We are making this awesome project right now... maybe if just the neck part were heated.. that would be nice and probably not interfere with the sensor.</p>
<p>yep you got it. just place it far away, or use 2 temperature sensors and one for outside and 1 for heated area.?! i make beanies and scarfs all the time for friends and use them effectively myself. just follow the shared instructable post above and give it a try.!!</p>
<p>with thermostatic control... Thanks.</p>
<p>Do you have a parts list? It would make it easier to order...</p>
<p>No parts list but all the stuff is derived from projects using Adafruit parts and arduino experience.</p><p>If you are new to the wearable tech world, you can go on Adafruit's Learning System for tutorials on using their FLORA arduino board and neopixels. See all the previous projects like the ampli-tie or anything else with neopixels.</p><p>You can look up the parts on Adafruit and find the links to their tutorials on the parts page.</p><p>Adafruit FLORA wearable arduino board - you could also use the PRO TRINKET - small form factor arduinos with serial monitor output through USB to watch the data.</p><p>Adafruit neopixel rings and strips. You can get a meter length of 60 LEDs/m or the lower density 30 LEDs/m which looks rougher because the LEDs are more spread out.</p><p>Temp/Humidity sensor module, the DHT22 is more accurate in readings</p><p>Misc stuff like silicone coated wire which is more suited for wearables and flexing, and of course, basic soldering skills and such.</p><p>The craft and sewing stuff is the usual craft and sewing stuff.</p><p>Good luck and show us what you make!</p>
Okay, thanks :)<br>
<p>you come from asian?</p>
<p>Poor Mickey</p>
<p>I second that..heated would be even more supercool and I would make one for my daughter, heck I might wear one too..<br></p>
<p>If I should wear this creation, I'd change my middle name in 'balls of molten iron'..</p>
<p>Ah, Brico&quot;Do not stare at my glowing majestic medieval armor codpiece&quot;bart...</p>
<p>Great project! Any way you could post the code? </p>
<p>I added the code to the ible as part of the text so go back in. Give it a go. Good luck.</p>
<p>This is awesome. It is a scarf that tells you if you need a scarf. </p>
<p>Thanks. It's kid friendly and mercury-free.</p>

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