Picture of Neopixel Ring Shower Massager Light

Feel the rainbow. When you get that karaoke urge outside of the shower, reach for this sound reactive microphone shower massager. It only bathes you in a pure glow from a magic Neopixel LED ring and does not drench you with water. May be programmed for light therapy or used for Harvard psych experiments.

Shower massager can be mounted most anywhere in wet or dry locations, preferrably dry. Lectricity and water don't mix.

Mounted on a wall with a pipe flange, this shower massager unit looks likes it is piped directly to in wall plumbing or power source.

DISCLAIMER: Water conserving device. Uses 0 Liters of water per minute. Say it. Don't spray it.

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Step 1: Parts and more parts...

Picture of Parts and more parts...

For this project you will need the following:

Shower massager unit

Shower arm pipe

1/2 inch pipe mounting flange

(my hardware store did not have a 1/2 inch pipe flange so I got the 3/4 inch pipe flange and added a reducing bushing or adapter that makes it fit a 1/2 inch pipe)

Although we don't need things watertight, some plumber's teflon tape makes putting the parts together go more smoothly.

The electronics are my trusty and versatile Adafruit FLORA arduino board. It is designed to be used in wearables but the small form factor makes it perfect for this application.

It has the microphone amplifier module and a neopixel LED ring.

It is powered by 3 AAA batteries. Since my battery case did not fit, I soldered the batteries together with wire so I could fit everything inside the shower massager.

You will need some basic tools to hack away at your shower massager.

You will need to know how to program your Arduino and work with electronics and solder.

CAUTION: Learn how to solder. Be safe, solder irons and freshly soldered parts are hot.

craftclarity9 months ago

For those times when you find yourself singing disco tunes in the shower...?

caitlinsdad (author)  craftclarity9 months ago

I'm a native New Yorker.

You should know the score by now...

nodcah9 months ago
Nice instructable! Great idea :-)
caitlinsdad (author)  nodcah9 months ago

Thanks, maybe you could rig up some of your pyrotechnics in a shower massager. That would be cool.

Hmm... Now you've got me thinking... I'll see what I can do.

thematthatter9 months ago

I guess when they shut off the water because you "forgot" to sign the check again you can at least pretend to shower.

caitlinsdad (author)  thematthatter9 months ago

I don't forget to sign the check, as long as there are blank checks in the book I keep using them.