Step 4: Sewing Components On

Thread a needle with conductive thread, taking the thread double. Hold the components in place and sew them on tightly to the side of the neoprene that will be the outside. The conductive thread needs to go all the way through the neoprene and only make contact with the patch of conductive fabric directly behind it. Never making contact with both conductive patches. To ensure good contact sew at least 3-4 times through each hole. Cutting the conductive thread and starting new after each hole. At this point it does not matter which side you put the switch or which the LED and it also does not matter which way around either of these are mounted.
What a perfect battery holder. It's just right for the needle-felted, joule-thief lizard I've been working on. 
Also check out this Instructable:<br /> &gt;&gt;&nbsp;<a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Fabric_Battery_Pouch/" rel="nofollow">https://www.instructables.com/id/Fabric_Battery_Pouch/</a><br />
Other ideas if not headlights for bikes... shoulder and leg &quot;side&quot;&nbsp;lights on riders for a bit more safety.<br /> <br /> Teddybear armband lights for the comfort of small children afraid of the dark.<br /> <br /> Velcro wrapped &quot;throwies&quot; or &quot;utility belt&quot; props for stylish Bat-girls.<br /> <br /> Furniture &quot;warning lights&quot; with dark sensors. How many times has someone banged their shins against the couch in the middle of the night?<br /> <br /> Waterproof 'em, make scuba gear &quot;buddy lights.&quot;<br /> <br /> (Put more LEDs on one battery pack and they become more usefull.)<br /> <br /> DIY-Guy<br /> <br /> P.S. There's always more ideas for usefullness, let me know if you need more and I'll email them.<br />
THANKS!<br />
&nbsp;where did u get these lily pads?
From Sparkfun, and i've added links to them in the Materials and Tools step.<br />
What a great idea... I'll have to break out that old wetsuit in the cupboard.<br />

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