Nepali Footbag (Chungy) in 4 easy steps!

Picture of Nepali Footbag (Chungy) in 4 easy steps!
While trekking in the Himalayas (in the Khumbu region of Nepal) for a month, and then working at a Nepali/Tibetan boarding school in Kathmandu (instead of the first semester of grade 8), I saw all the kids playing with this funny little toy they call a "chungy". They use it either as a foot-bag or dodge-ball. After weeks of sitting in the dark, I finally uncovered the secret of the little foot-bag/dodge-ball and how to make them.
What you'll need:

-something sharp (its not super necessary but I used really thick bands)
-something straight and thin (a pen, a stick, your friend's finger...)
-16-51 rubber bands OR an old bike inner tube (both should be about 1 inch in diameter and half a centimeter thick)
-a minute or three
-a good friend to help out and play with you after your done
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Step 1: Prep

Picture of Prep
If you are using rubber bands, you can skip this step, but it might be nice to read.

Start by cutting anywhere from 16-51 bands from your inner tube. Each band should be about half a centimeter (quarter of an inch) thick, and no less than 1 inch (2.5 centimeters) in diameter. When you find/cut these bands, stack them on something straight to keep all of them organized and in one place. I bought some pre-cut bands so i have no picture for cutting up an inner-tube. After you have all the bands just snap or cut one. (Mo the Lego guy is just there to give you a sense of scale)

Step 2: Stack Em' Up and Stick Em' Through!

Picture of Stack Em' Up and Stick Em' Through!
Stick all the bands on a pole of some sort (or a finger), slide the cut band through all of them and then hold both ends. I couldn't hold both ends because one of my hands was taking the picture. If you've done well, it should look somewhat like the picture.

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