Nerd Guitar Pick





Introduction: Nerd Guitar Pick

 I happened to have a box of glucometers on my porch so, I decided to take one apart and found a small triangular PCB that worked perfect for a guitar pick.

Step 1: Supplies

 You will need:
A Freestyle Lite glucometer.

And some tools to take it apart.

Step 2: Disassemble

 First, take out the battery.
 Then, remove the back cover.
 Take off the front cover.
 Remove the LCD.
 Carefully remove the part.

Step 3: Finished Product

 Look at the picture...



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    You could put a small battery to an electromagnet and mess with the pickups.

    It's possible, but I'm not sure how it would help you play the guitar. Unless, you're doing it to sabotage someone.

    It would just sound good if you were playing Metal.

     i made this a bit diferent way, n my brother really liked it, it was a present/ornament for him

     I made the for friends as Christmas presents and, they thought it was awesome.

     Haha awesome I love it !
    Do the components not get annoying and catch on the strings when you play though?

    idk if that is a problem, but if it is, maybe u cood laminate it, buy like melting clear plastic or using a machine or taping it, to prevent that problem. 

    you could also simply cut out this shape from any computer chip

     I just ground some of them off with my Dremel.