Nerd Survival Pack





Introduction: Nerd Survival Pack

Here's a survival pack for us makers. This pack includes all our tinkering needs.

Step 1: Container

You will need to find a container so that you can hold all those resisters and wires.

You could use an altoids box or any medium sized container no bigger than your head.

Step 2: Materials

You will need to pack
Solder less breadboard
Any other electric parts you may need.



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    nice job. don't forget a Faraday box for it.

    Wow, this is a really good idea. Most survival packs are like GUN!REDBULL!RAMEN!MOREGUNS!KINVES!lifestrawPARACORDBRACELET! While all these people will be running around like Yosemite Sam, it will be people like you who will be making communications and communities available. I've always kept a small set of hand tools in my bug out bag, but you give me an idea now for a special bag. Maybe I'll make an 'ible soon. Thank you and voted.

    Also I didn't have a solder less breadboard

    Yah I was just using it as a demonstration

    This is a great. Not many people think to carry around the essentials they might need to tinker at the drop of an volt. Consider adding a narrow strip of corrugated cardboard, too. Folded and stood on their edge they are a handy way to hold axial components (resisters, caps, etc.) while you're working.

    I'm going to put together a little kit for my bag. Thanks for the idea!

    Nice Ible....

    And dont forget to keep the electrical tape inside your tin after you put insulation on your 9v cell.

    Don't forget to insulate the battery terminals with a piece of tape or other cover, otherwise it will short on the tin and flatten itself!