Nerf "Battle Spear"





Introduction: Nerf "Battle Spear"

This is a small project to do in about 15 min if you are bored. These can be fun to use in mini battles with your friends or whatever, that's what I do. It's really easy and really fast, and cut me some slack, it's my first instructable, ok?

Step 1: Gather Supplies

You will need....

1. a long cardboard tube (best to use one from wrapping paper)

2. bullet/ missile tip from a nerf gun or something like that...needs to be small enough to fit in cardboard tube, but big enough to be snug in there. you can use many different things for this part, see what you have and pick the best one

3. (optional) rubber bands to put around the cardboard tube for grips

4. (optional, but highly reccomended) lots and lots of duct tape to put on cardboard tube. this helps prevent rips and damage to you spear

Step 2: Assembley

This is not too complicated, but let me know if you have trouble...

1. cut one of the cardboard tubes several inches shorther than the other (exactly how much shorter, you will have to judge, it depends on your choice of spear tip). the shorter tube will be the inner tube

2. crease the shorter tube into a kind of "V" or "U" shape (picture below...). the bottom line is that this thing has gotta fit inside the longer/outer decide how to make it fit has to be snug...

3. stick the shorter/inner tube inside the longer/outer tube. make sure that one of the ends of the long tube is even with one of the ends of the short tube. obviously the other ends will be uneven, creating space for your spear tip.

4. fit the spear tip inside the longer/outer tube...push it all the way down to where the shorter/inner tube is.

5. now, wrap the longer/outer tube up with lots and lots of duct tape, this is neccisary in order to have a really good battle, free of repair breaks (i would hope)

6. finally add rubber band grips if you please, and any extra details you come up with.....improvise and be creative, also send any cool improvments to me in a comment, please!!!

This shouldn't be to dificult, and have fun with this thing. Also this is a slightly improved version, the second/shorter/inner tube is new. the duct tape was not enough....enjoy!



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    Could you use PVC pipe?

    We're not in preschool. Lose the counting okay? Wait does 11 come after 8, maybe I forgot...

    We do have a be nice policy. don't forget.

    Just so you know I've made these before and it works much better if you fill it with rolled up paper then squirt a bottle of glue into the tube. Then use duct tape to close the end so no glue can leak out. Wait a few days for it to dry and then its done. pretty good instructable though

    If you want to make it stronger take some more tubes cut one slice down the full length and insert entirely into the "spear" the more tubes on the inside the stronger it is.

    im gonna hide a nail juuuuust under the soft tip:]

    lol or better yet... 2 nails

    hu hu......or three...

    wait, wait.....f...f...f...FIVE!!!