Introduction: Nerf 3-in-1 Titan Mod

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This mod lets you shoot 1,3darts , or the big missile.

Step 1: Materials

3 feet of CPVC
1CPVC coupler
Hot glue
hot glue gun
Nerf Titan!

Step 2: Add Coupler

Picture of Add Coupler

Hot glue the CPVC coupler on to the place where the missile barrel scerws on.

Step 3: Shotgun Barrel

Picture of Shotgun Barrel

First you need to cut about 1inch off the front of the missile barrel. second you hot glue the barrels in like in the picture

Step 4: DONE!

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You may need to hot glue the coupler back on from time to time and please be careful with the singled titan because they are very scary


aRejectedKitten (author)2010-04-06

whered u get the titan cus i cant find them any where even wit tht clip on stuff.

u can only buy it with the clip on stuff

1. Fix the posting style like I said to mavrev13
2. You can get it on amazon for around $30 (this includes the nerf hornet)

eman414 (author)2010-09-26

you can also get the titan from toys r us

MacSoap (author)2010-06-09

what size cpvc and coupler do you need? also do the three barrels ever have difficulties with the coupler?

wehe-tehe (author)MacSoap2010-06-09

1/2 in. cpvc and a 1/2 in. cpvc coupler.

zack attack (author)2010-03-31

i modded mine to. i removed the ar 's and put a pvc coupler on a piece of pvc and put a little piece of rubber tubing on it so i can take it off and put it back on. that was hard to xplain

wehe-tehe (author)2010-03-18

Please delete your commet because Your commeting style very  bugs me. If I could I would BLOCK you.

MAVREV13 (author)wehe-tehe2010-03-18

i was not saying it to be mean but if u have a nerf war with 10 and up aged nerf modders i mean guys that are like killer in a nerf war u will be made fun i enthisize if ur gun has no pant job on it u will be harshly made fun of my friend was and luckfully i was with him and had black tape it was not perfect but it shut them up i was not trying to kill ur idea of a mod there is this guy who if he commented on urs u probly want to get him real bad if u dont belive me look up on here MAVREV13'S AR15 Armorlite hey also i said it was a good mod i did not talk like a salor to u and if u dont know what that means then u should not be on here if u were running what i said thrue ur head i said if ur gun has no paint u will not live the day down just saying

wehe-tehe (author)2010-01-21

It can pierce modded a I got this off youtube from sgt.mik

Sir spicious (author)2010-01-19

what do you mean by scary
& is it true that they can pierce cardboard . if so is that modded or unmodded?

by the way thats one awesome mod u legend!!!!!
did u think of it urself? if so ur a chaompion

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