Introduction: Nerf AK-47

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This 'ible' will show you how to make your very own, simple yet cool, AK-47.

Step 1: What You Need

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You will need: the nerf Retaliator pistol the Retaliator stock, the Retaliator barrel the nerf bayonet (another one of my instructibles) the nerf Demolisher banana clip, and the longshot scope.

Step 2: Put Them All Together

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Put all the components together and there you have it! A nerf AK-47. To be most accurate when in a battle make sure that the sight on the Retaliator barrel is up. Look through the scope and level the black dot directly above the Retaliator sight. Thank you for viewing!


jcgpopcorn23 (author)2015-10-20

Nice instructable but in my opinion, using an elite alpha trooper would be more useful since the scope is over where you pull back. The retaliator has an awkward position for loading. But the look is great.

zman1204 (author)2015-07-15

I love the bayonet and the addition to the assault grip just make sure ppl know that it's not an actual weapon

JackDC2000 (author)2015-01-16

Once again, a cool instructable by nerfanator! Cool way to make the longshot scope useful by pairing it with the front sight!

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