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Introduction: Nerf Arsenal 9/20/10

About: . I like to mod Nerf a lot. I do indeed like Nerf more than Airsoft. One thing that ticks me of on Instrucbles are smart alches and mean people some I shouldn't mention but thats off topic. I whatch Youtube...

These are my clips and all of my Nerf/Buzzbee blasters.



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    I agree, I highly dislike the vulcan. It has bad range, and jams a fair amount if you don't know how to operate it. If anything, buy the rhinofire or rapidstrike.

    Pretty good Iput brand new batteries in it and the fartherst I got was around 50 feet.The rate of fire is ok.

    I don't beleive that, the most it might be able to get without modifications is 35 feet.

    Well if you mean 50 feet if you shoot it at an angle i would beleive that, but not if you shoot it flat.

    Nerf gun ranges are usually taken flat, so try to do that in the future.

    Did you read the first reply it said "farthrest" meaning that it could shoot that far.

    I know, but people, as well as myself, are going to think you mean that you shot it with no angle, because that is how nerf gun ranges are measured.

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    The last picture, the gun the fourth from the left, what's it called and is it any good?