This is my nerf arsenal.

1.Heavy assault.
2.My painted guns.
3.My favorites.

The longshot is my primary.

Uh in the 4th pic it showes ur foot seriously?
Pic one gun 2 what it it
In the painted ones, what are the top and bottom ones called? I'm interested in getting some and those look cool.
oh yeah I'm thinking on doing an instructable on how to make a semi auto maverick
cool <br>
I have a: <br>deploy - modded <br>Raider - modded<br>7 nitefinders- all modded<br>a tomy 20 - modded<br>longsho t- modded<br>hyperfire - modded<br>magstrike - modded<br>recon - modded<br>9 mavericks - all modded<br>2 stampedes - both modded <br>a home made pistol<br>and a vulcan i'm currently working on
Trust me I'm a doctor
under your painted ones, what's the one 2nd from top?<br>
Big bad bow<br>
The yellow one? underneath the bow<br>:?
okay, thanks.<br>
Nice man<br><br>I've got<br>1.recon cs-6 slightly modded(first gun so no AR removal)<br>2.2 mavericks 1modded 1not<br>3.nite finder<br>4.longshot<br>5.secret strike<br>6.firefly<br>and 2 reflexes.
nice tommy 20, but why ju take the stock and barrel off?
It was a failed experiment.
so it doesn't shoot? too bad. :(
It shoots but it's paint job reeks of butt.
sweet Arsenal you got there <br> <br>
your welcome. i have never seen a nerf arsenal like that
It gets bigger than smaller.
dude those guns are epic
nice paintjobs, but y not modify some of them?
i do now and then but some like the magstrike i keep stock
sweet titan
ok, and your tommy 20 looks awsome =p
thanks alot
for the pistols, what's the top one, and whats the 2nd from the bottom one?
clonepistol and a modifed tommy 2o
ok, thanks
nice collection :), i wish i had the yellow one under your favorites.

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