Picture of TIPS ON NERF
In this guide you will learn how to win a Nerf Battle. This instructable includes tips, tools, and blasters I would recommend. Please read the steps to increase the chances of winning a battle. :)
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Step 1: Getting the Gear

Picture of Getting the Gear
  In a Nerf battle, obviously, you need a blaster or two. As you see I don't recommend automatic or clip fed blasters. I mostly like dart tag blasters because thier easy-to-load, light to carry, and they shoot pretty good.  Please note   (For some reason they only have the Barrel Break IX-2 Blaster at Toys"R"Us).

Step 2: Testing...............

Picture of Testing...............
  Please test these tips such as making shields, running often, and staying in cover.

   Please start a battle with a couple of friends and I hope you win or just think of your own tips and ways to win a battle. :)
subdood, wtf? the disc blasters are never accurate because of the nature of the projectile. clip fed would have nothing to do with accuracy. and most of the disc guns are clip fed
ifind the clip feds to be best, fast reload, multiple darts, quick firing

but they are SOOOOOOOOOO inaccurate, except the disk shooter nerf guns

lil larry (author)  darknessfalls4 years ago
yaeh but the clip fed blasters are worst cuz the darts flaten inthe clip and they jam easily and when u relaod u take it out put darts in and stick it in again.
so these blasters are a little better
or to reload you carry extra clips, not just extra darts, and mine have never flattened a dart, you just NEVER store the darts in the clips for long periods of time
lil larry (author)  darknessfalls4 years ago
yeah, more to carry dude. the revolvers and single shots are better cuz you can just use other people's darts.(duh)
only revolver i will ever carry (especially since the mav sucks) is the barricade
lil larry (author)  darknessfalls4 years ago
the maverik does not "suck"!!! the maverik owns dude. D:<
it jams more often than it shoots, its a big problem
lil larry (author)  darknessfalls4 years ago
you must know nothing about Nerf blasters if you jam a REVOLVER????? Its kinda hard to jam a revolver cuz its not in a clip, you hand load it, and its convenant in battles.
have you never used one? because of the design where the barrel rotates when you pull the trigger, it is VERY prone to jam, which is why they changed it for the specter!
lil larry (author)  darknessfalls4 years ago
I've used one, yes. But my question was how hard is it to jam a hand load revolver wich is a blaster that doesn't use a clip or magazine? It's pretty hard to jam one dude
no but when the rotating mech moves faster than the dart can clear the barrel, the dart will not fully leave, and the barrel will not be able to rotate... that being said, the specter has grown on me a lot, despite bing 5 shot, and i already know im getting 2 barricades before my schools next HvZ game
lil larry (author)  darknessfalls4 years ago
You wanna know why it comes half way out? They didn't make the barrel on probably 15% of the mavs made in the world that good, but evry time you buy a mav, it means that you have a chance of 85% of getting a good mav with a good barrel. So...probably you got a "unlucky" one cuz mine works fine*.The barricade might seem awesome,but just cuz its "automatic" means that it'll Probably shoot faster and further, but most automatic blasters jam more easily than regular blasters such as the Maverick.

no I have to say they are both good guns but the barricade holds more ammo

i argree you can't jam the maverike
The maverick does jam. I once had one, the darts kept popping out of the revolving part, or they just got stuck and stopped working. My bro and I eventually broke it down, tried to mod it, but scrapped it for the spring and parts. The maverick may be a good weapon, but only if you are using perfect darts and don't want to be quiet.
my barrel didnt revolve on mine
pot luck really i once bought a sucked. i brake it by accident, buy another and it was the chuck norris of nerf guns. :/
That's why you pull the trigger and hold until the dart's gone.
you could always have a alpha trooper cs-18 as a half semi-auto.
The only pistol i will use is the barricade rev-10. It will shoot as fast as you can pull the trigger (without!) jamming. As far as a main arm, i use my modified Vulcan. I used manaenergypotion's "ible" as my guide when modding it. Watch his video, that's how fast mine shoots. Also i use a modded Longstrike CS-6, i took the air restrictor out and painted it up.
y'know you'd be pretty screwed if you ran out of batteries XD
Hahah! yea.. >.< But the barricade seems to do good with batteries. i've had it for 3 months and i am still on original energizers i put in when i bought it. And on th evulcan i use rechargable battery packs. The seem to last a good while too. Just have to run a check on them before i go into battle to be sure.
lil larry (author)  Matrix-technician4 years ago
meh, to each his own (although im buying a nightfinder and turning it into a crossbow with PVC arms and all)