Picture of Nerf Clip-System Mod

You have stumbled upon my Nerf Longstrike mod. As a Nerf-War Sniper, I was sick of underperforming Longstrikes. So I have attached a helpful temporary mod. Just follow the ible!
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
You will only need a

1.Nerf longstrike , Recon, Longshot etc.

2.RP7, OR WD40 (No WD though)

Step 2: Insertion

Picture of Insertion
1. Spray a light amount of lubricant in the barrel

2. Spray a light amount of lubricant on the reciever tube
will we not have to wipe off the excess lubricant? and my dad said WD40 was a questionable choice. So what do I do
use silicone lube instead it's probably cheaper and it doesn't destroy plastic. WD40 is for metals and is quite bad for plastic... i think that's what your dad meant. tell me if it helped...
~Meme~ (author)  Runeblader972 years ago
Yes, if there is any.
~Meme~ (author) 3 years ago

It increase the range up to ten more feet.
sithlil3 years ago
how much does it change the range by