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You have stumbled upon my Nerf Longstrike mod. As a Nerf-War Sniper, I was sick of underperforming Longstrikes. So I have attached a helpful temporary mod. Just follow the ible!

Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
You will only need a

1.Nerf longstrike , Recon, Longshot etc.

2.RP7, OR WD40 (No WD though)
~Meme~ (author) 3 years ago

It increase the range up to ten more feet.
NathanS16 ~Meme~3 months ago
WD 40 is awful for nerf blasters. Use white lithium grease for moving parts, and silicon grease for inside plinger tubes.
will we not have to wipe off the excess lubricant? and my dad said WD40 was a questionable choice. So what do I do
use silicone lube instead it's probably cheaper and it doesn't destroy plastic. WD40 is for metals and is quite bad for plastic... i think that's what your dad meant. tell me if it helped...
~Meme~ (author)  Runeblader973 years ago
Yes, if there is any.
sithlil3 years ago
how much does it change the range by