In this Instructable I will show you how to modify a toy crossbow into a powerful Nerf shooting weapon. It is low cost but very effective in the midst of a Nerf battle. Its single shot action and reload time are the only cons, but it makes up for it with its accuracy, power, distance, and mobility. It is a great overall gun, effective at both short and long range.

Step 1: Materials Needed

Here is what you need. If you have Nerf guns you will have most of the supplies.

-Crosman Bristol Jr. Toy Crossbow (around $15)
-Nerf Magstrike AS-10 clip
-Packing Tape
-Two rubber bands
-Nerf darts (whistle tip or suction cup)
-Nerf Recon CS-6 sight (optional)
nnniiiiccceeee <br>
Nice job, although you might want to use some epoxy or glue next time, rather than tape.
Could you use a modded toy bow instead?
can you post ranges, and where to get the crossbow?
You can find toy crossbows at most hunting/outdoors-man stores like Academy, Cabellas, and Bass Pro. They normally fire small hard plastic darts with suction cup tips.<br><br>As for the Mod itself: It's a very good beginners mod. It uses things that most people have just lying around the house, and since it doesn't involve any cutting or gluing just about any one can do it.<br><br>My only question is how many times can you fire a dart before it's destroyed? It just seems to me that the string would start to eat away at the ends of the darts after a while.
At first, the string did detiorate, but in Step 3 I tape the string which helps a lot and prevents the string from breaking down.
Sorry for not getting back to you earlier <br> <br>I'll post ranges once I get home because i'm on vacation, but you can probably get it a somewhere like K-mart or Walmart. Like Echosi said, you can get it at any outdoor store.

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