This is a mod for the Nerf Crossfire! Mine Shot far but I think I could make it shoot farther, and it worked!

Step 1:

This is the materials list:
1 Nerf crossfire
2 Pennies; 3!
3 Screwdriver

(this is my first instructable!)
That didn't really help mine
The pennies don't help that much. What will is taking out the air restrictor. This is located in what you call the "compressor." The real name for this is the plunger tube.
<p>I just stretched out the spring and removed the air restrictors so I don't think the pennies were really necessary.</p>
Strikefire not Crossfire
crossfire was the name of mine, it is older and came in blue or red. <br>
<p>According to nerf.wikia.com: &quot;The dual pack is known as Strikefire, where as the single pack is known as the <b>Crossfire</b>.&quot;</p>
You can make it even better. look at mine popscott3, i think you'll enjoy what other mods i have for mine.
i usaully use pistols on nerf wars cuz i make em 1 shot kills and this mod rocks! so i powned the other team (LOL).
its air restrictor or ar not compressor
no, I think it is the compresser, Because the air gets copressed in the Compresser. I think the resricter is in the compresser...but I may be wrong!
that gun is soooo pownage. its pretty powerful, even if its not modded
I know!
please, keep the &quot;that's what she said&quot; stuff down. Seriously? Cocker, rod, blow, hole?
Well I am not very good at knowing the real ways to say stuff...and I kinda rushed.
Oh. Well, umm, I do that a Lot too. If you didn't know what the actual term is, then you can't be critisized for saying a word closely related to the action it does. I thought you were doing it on purpose. Sorry!
It's fine...but I even looked up the parts of a gun and it didd'nt have the &quot;cocker&quot; in the labled list.
Anyways, good job.

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