Nerf Dart Mod





Introduction: Nerf Dart Mod

This is how to mod your nerf dart or other darts. To get longer ranges and a more accurate shot

Step 1: Tools and Pieces You Need

You will need
: wire cutters
: sandpaper
: a pencil
: a nerf or other dart

Step 2: Cut the Front of Your Dart Off

Cut the front of your dart off so that you and put the pencil in the dart tube

Step 3: Cut the Pencil to the Length of the Dart Tube

Cut the pencil to the length of the dart tube so that it will be flush with the front and back of the dart tube

Step 4: Sand the End of the Pencil Till It Is Flat

Sand The End Of The Pencil Till It Is Flat, for that it is not sharp

Step 5: Then Push the Pencil All the Way Through Then Your Done!!!

Push the pencil all the way through then your done and ready to test your new modified dart

Step 6: Time to Test Your Dart/ What I Will Be Using

I am using my heavily modified nerf jolt that has a heavy compression spring modfied plunger and modded seals and a modified barrel.
Your ranges may differ depending your nerf gun

These are the ranges I got with my nerf gun

: 83ft,87ft,78ft,80ft
So these are the Ranges from 4 shots, from the spot I was standing at



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