Nerf Dart Mod - Sprite Bomb





Introduction: Nerf Dart Mod - Sprite Bomb

 A short video on how to make explosive nerf darts. Using a sprite bomb and a regular nerf dart, you can make darts that explode.

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    your video got taken down. wah,

     Corner stores, places that sell prank stuff... Or the internet -  it has everthing. :)

    LukowStudios | Geekazoid

    Boy I wish that were true! I live in California where pretty much anything fun is illegal, including most fireworks. I have tried ordering chemicals to make explosives (HClO4, Aluminum powder) but they always cancel on me because of the ATF's stupid rules!

    The vid was removed :( can you put it on a different site?

    these Little balls of gunpowder and when you throw it the sprite bomb sometimes dissaper sometimes they stay but always make smoke

     Do you know what a cap, from a cap-gun is? It's like that, just you throw it... All it does is make some smoke and a bang!

    | Geekazoid

    I have sprite bombs and I did it to myself and it hurts like a needles stuck on your neck

    does the dart die when you shoot it? i can't waste darts like that.

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    um... they can'tdie its an inanimate object they're
    not endowed with life or spirit

    true. do they explode or something?

    The actual dart (the foam) is completely reusable, but the exploding sprite bomb is a one time use thing, and needs to be replaced.

     did you use a Mac to edit this video? (i have a mac and the music you used is music that I have used in videos before)

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    Judging from your username, we share the same opinion on computers...  Yes, it was edditted on a MacBook. This is one of my old(er) tutorials, I now make my own music w/ garageband. Most of my videos use the same theme I created late last year...


    hollow out the dart a littel then take a littel card board tube pack it with gun powder then put in the wipper snaper or "sprite bomb" now were talken !!!

    my freind was using these to shoot stuff for fun, one didnt work i picked it up thinking it was normal, then said heres one of your darts and shot it at his foot, bad expeirience but lucky his shoes were already black to start with :)