Picture of Nerf Dart Mod
Applying a straw to your darts will improve its accuracy,
and hey(is for horses), if you use those sleek neon straws it will make it look cool also!

Step 1: Get the materials

Picture of Get the materials
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All you need is-
*A Nerf Dart(Duh!)
*A Straw(Duh!)
*A Scissors
*And some Elmer's School Glue

P.S. Don't you guys just love the stikyness(I don't think that's a real word) of glue?!
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hey... doesthis work for vulcan guns... cause i did this to all of my darts.. i mean ALL of them..... But im getting jams every like 2nd bullet... i mean dart. is this just me or is it the darts??? plus i used purple glue for thjis!!!
Vulcans get jammed anyways :)
Good point
this mod only really works with front loading guns that have a dart post (that + shaped beam in the barrel). thats probably why it's jamming.
spizman4 years ago
best gun = nite finder.

oh, and cut the straws a little bit shorter so the dart has 1/2 cm.+ of space in the front of the dart so it has some flexibility there, or else the dart will bounce off of your target (even if it's a suction dart.).

one more thing: i'm having some problems with the glue failing and the straw coming out of the dart after about 5-10 shots.
codongolev7 years ago
maverick is the bestest gun evarrrrrrr.
the best ever is the longshot
AGREE! A singled Titan, however, can achieve better ranges/accuracy.
alfpwns drmjj556 years ago
alfpwns alfpwns6 years ago
alfpwns alfpwns6 years ago
antonk alfpwns6 years ago
he is riped
umm... I think you mean ripped. unless you mean ripened, in which case you may think he is a banana and therefore need an eye exam.
This is the first comment on instructables that actually made me laugh!
me 2 lolz
and therefore my goal was accomplished, over a year later.
Sorry guys but im always one thats actually portable like the Recon CS 6 or the new Deploy CS 6
chopstx alfpwns6 years ago
that's not a real person. it's a poster of a strong guy with a gelitan hand over the handle.
I bet he parties 24/7. btw, jk.
I guess so.
I brokeded mine. :(
i bent metal plats for mine. i also used an air tank freom an old 50 shot.
FREOM! is that the noise it makes when it fires?
nah, it's cool, but it has to many problems to be the best one ever.
i agree it stopped working soon after i bought it. however the night finder is the easiest to mod as i have noticed.
ya, so far i don't think nerf really has a best.
i think this is
i have that
what? his body, the silver suspenders, or the gun?
the gun
oh. I want the suspenders.
i agree
oh yer and...
zack attack5 years ago
how much do the darts cost?
about $ 2.00 for 10 darts.
Cheezpaper4 years ago
How exactly does this work?
knuckel5 years ago
 i love the Nerf mavric do to the availability of modifying it, soon i will post my mod witch made the gun semi automatic ! view my mavric mods and soon look for that one!
emuostrich6 years ago
Maverick is really good...except the new ones (with yellow and black paintjobs) suck...the blue and yellow ones have better quality plastic (I think) and the air restrictors are much, much, much easier to take out...my blue and yellow one broke so I had to get a yellow and black one...luckily I still had the blue and yellow one's air restrictors so I could still make my yellow and black one shoot airsofts...if your interested, pm me...also, if you take out the air restrictors on the maverick, stock darts don't work good...I haven't tried stefans though...
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