I love glow in the dark things and when I found out that Nerf had GITD darts I bought my first Nerf gun in November 2012. It was the Nerf Nitefinder. I got it on ebay and immediately got to work modifying it with blacks light LED's....I had soooo much fun and never realized how many people loved to modify Nerf guns as well. So I bought the next best thing -The FIRESTRIKE and did the same mod followed by the Maverick and some other guns---- I always love to find the next thing to modify......

  -So here's the full guide for the Nerf STRONGARM GLOW TUTORIAL, hope you like it:)

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Step 1: Getting Started

Picture of Getting Started
Some things you'll need:

1) 3,000-5,000mcd UV LED's, Two 5mm and one 3mm LED      Plus 1/2 watt and 1/4 watt 150ohm resistors

2) A 9Volt battery

3) Switches -either a pushbutton, rocker or slide type  (A TACT switch for SLAMFIRES is optional)

4) Wires AWG-26 or similar plus heat shrink tubes or electrical tape  (JST connector optional)

5) Super Glue or Plastic cement


7) A soldering iron plus Rosin FLUX

8) And a DREMEL with a #11 bit and a cutting wheel 409, 420, or 426 work fine


Picture of LED HOLDER
     The first step is to find where your LED holder is going to sit on the gun. I prefer placing the edge of the plastic holder on the flat surface where it just begins to slope.

Step 3: Making your Mark

Picture of Making your Mark
     The hole size for the LED holder is almost 5/16 of an inch so I just made a circle one size smaller 9/32 with a sharpie to make sure I don't over cut the hole.

Step 4: Another look

Picture of Another look
     After you draw your mark separate the two halves of the shell and get the DREMEL with the #115 bit and X-ACTO knife.

Step 5: First Cuts

Picture of First Cuts
     Okay, so the best way to cut the hole is to DREMEL a half circle on either side then clean it up with the X-ACTO knife and remember not to over cut the hole size.

iv been comparing the strongarm and the maverick and, correct me if im wrong, there the same just got a cooler paint job.the question is, which one has the best paint job?

randyfivesix (author)  TheRoyalJester1 year ago
Actually The Maverick looks similar to the Strongarm but in fact the Strongarm is better and refined in everyway....There's a whole bunch of video's on YouTube if your wondering....Plus Orange Mod Works Makes an upgrade kit for it which I still plan on buying in the future:) --As for you question about paint jobs..."Im a big fan of the Elite Blue" However I have painted some of my other guns Graphite Grey......
Lunarius1 year ago
Really exceptional guide. The photos are all clear, the information on what Dremel bits you used is excellent, and in general I found it very easy to follow. I'm a definite novice at both Nerf blaster mods and wiring, so this looks like a great entry project! Thanks very much for all the effort you took in putting this up. :D
randyfivesix (author)  Lunarius1 year ago
Thank you much!!! - Don't forget to always apply a tiny amount of FLUX to the areas that are getting soldered. Also use real UV LED's not blue one's. This will maximize the way the darts recharge their glow, unfortunately they require power that's why I use the 9Volt with the resistors which is very important.....GOOD LUCK!

Let me know if you need any help. -Be sure to check out
You're very welcome, and I hugely appreciate the tips! I'll be making a few trips in the near future and one of them will have me close to an electronics supply store; I think I'll stock up on a variety of LEDs while I'm there. I'll make sure to get the real-deal on UV LEDs, too.