Introduction: Nerf Element Shotgun Mod

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this is my first instructable so dont hate!!!                                                                               


Step 1: Items Needed

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one Nerf element ex-6
one Nerf bullet
knife or scissors
cookie sheet*
rubber cement*


Step 2: The Bullet

Picture of The Bullet

so take a nerf bullet and rip off the tip

Step 3: Cutting the Bullet

Picture of Cutting the Bullet

now cut the bullet into fifths 

if u need permission to use knifes or scissors ask yo parents

Step 4: The Works

Picture of The Works

load the gun

put them in


ur done!!!

Step 5: For Nerfers That Want to Take This 2 D Next Level...

Picture of For Nerfers That Want to Take This 2 D Next Level...

now this mod is not 4 nerf wars its 4 entertainment if u want it 4 a war  or just to annoy some kid across the street...

dip the sliced up bullet into THIN Rubber cement and quickly make a hole in the ammo like it was right after you cut it    

Step 6: THE LAST STEP!!! Well Almost.

Picture of THE LAST STEP!!!   Well Almost.

b4 it dries on your hands lay it on a cookie sheet

let it sit there 4 five to ten minutes

Step 7: WARNING!!!

Picture of WARNING!!!

i am not responsible 4 any injurys so if u poke ur eye out dont blame me

HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!             

STAY TUNED 4 tips, mods and advantages on d stampede:)


CHANGE my name (author)2011-01-25

wow im a crazed nerfer and i never seen that gun before.

22jmorris (author)CHANGE my name2015-12-14

it is one of the first guns

Sreyo (author)CHANGE my name2011-04-12

I've never seen it either, I usually just check the nerf gun section at target to see if there's any new one's and it's not there.

Lightning1287 (author)Sreyo2011-11-15

I've hated how Target doesn't sell this gun. The only place I've ever seen selling it is on I hope it doesn't become one of those rare guns like the Longshot.

CaseBoy (author)CHANGE my name2011-03-21

i have one. its from the disk shooter set

stefanslayer (author)2012-04-06

its from the disk shooter thingy

spark2FLAME (author)2010-12-04

Nice idea! Adding your own pictures would make this ible' much better. The only problem I find with this idea is that since each piece of the dart doesn't have a top to it, there is little/no air pressure to propel the foam pieces out of the gun.

nerframbo98 (author)spark2FLAME2011-05-24

that is why there is the option of rubbr cement so the ?bullets? travel farther than just 5 feet

SpiderJockey (author)2011-05-24

dude i love this gun it is #1

darknessfalls (author)2010-12-01

maybe adding pictures would be helpful, sounds like an interesting idea, i would love to see photos to accompany it

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