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This is an extremely easy modification on how to take the air restrictor out of a Nerf Eliminator gun.

First instructable, please rate, all criticism accepted

Step 1: Tools Needed

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For this project you will need:

1. A hammer
2. A small screw diver
3. Exacto/Sammy knife (I don't really know the name)

BE CAREFUL NOT TO STRIP THE SCREWS! I did that with my first attempt and could never get the screw out.

Step 2: Disassembling the Gun

Unfortunately, I did not take any pictures of this step. Before taking out the screws you need to cut off the plastic cover at the bottom of the gun (see the first picture of the instructable [on the intro]).

There are 9 screws you really need to worry about, the screws on the gray compartment do not need to be taken out.

There are six screws on the outside the gun, and three behind the thing you pull back.

Like I said before, the four screws on the gray compartment do not need to be taken out.

Step 3: Taking Out the Air Restrictor

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This step is very easy, once you have the barrel part out all you need to do is put the small screwdriver in the back and hammer out the air restrictor!


Thank you atombomb1945 for bringing this to my attention.

I apologize to everyone who has this happen to them.

Step 4: Parts of the Barrel You Need/ Do Not Need

Picture of Parts of the Barrel You Need/ Do Not Need

The title of the step is self explanatory

Step 5: Demo

Heres a video of the gun shooting without the air restrictor. When I shot this outside it went 60 feet!

Compared to the original, this gun is louder and, by far, stronger.


EpicMinecrafter870 (author)2015-05-18

I do not have an eliminator, but I believe this could work on a reflex, their barrels are much alike if not identical.

AJC889 (author)2014-04-17

This is cool

Simmone Tiede (author)2013-10-24

When you cock the gun just bang the piece that sticks out on the ground. Do this multiple times until the cocking mechanism moves freely when pulled back

shazooo2u (author)2012-07-02

Box cutter, exacto knife, sammy knife, exacto blade, safety knife/blade, extendo knife, detail knife they are all the same thing.

Joseph123456789 (author)2011-11-05

If you want it to go a bit further then just use a drum mag for some reason it works

sirodim90 (author)2011-04-08

Why not drill it out?

daftmorgan (author)sirodim902011-10-12

it is easier that way, this way is messy, trust me, it can also cause stress on the plastic.

lil larry (author)2011-02-19

its a utility knife dude

nfk11 (author)2011-02-02

nice im going to try it and send some feed back.

wllegoman (author)2011-01-29

Thanks! i did this and it shoots hard enough i shot it up and lost the bullet. (it only works with the bullets that go to the Recon and not the others)

Thanks anyways

nuparu108 (author)2010-12-01

lol i have the same screwdriver as u and i could not grip it enough to turn it. and it's a utility knife

thestyrofoampeanut (author)2010-06-15

definitely not 60 feet.....

i said outside. and the dart hit a wall. and it was in a room. and it wasn't outside. and the outside doesn't have walls to hit. and some other thing that would be completely useless because I have already proved my point. HMMMM... YES....

King Julien (author)2010-04-23

Thank you so much!!!  I did this and then painted it silver and I works amazing and all my friends are gealous!!!

LSTR (author)2010-04-04

Cutting off the bottom part of the handle is the hardest and least intuitive step. Not to mention the most likely step where someone could cut themselves with that utility knife. If any step really needed more detailed info and some pictures, it's this one.

MAVREV13 (author)2010-03-27

nice mod but couldnt you take the old barrel and replace it with cpvc??????????????

billybenj (author)MAVREV132010-04-01

yeah that seems like another easy thing to do to this gun, and i hate all these mods just on how to remove ARs.

fishgish509 (author)2009-11-29

it's called a stanly knife

atombomb1945 (author)2009-11-22

I actually went through the barrel of my Longshot trying to take out the restrictor in this manner.  Effectively ruining the front part of the gun for me.  The screw driver slipped and went clean through.  Just an FYI, take it easy and don't pound to hard.

dji435 (author)atombomb19452009-11-29

Oh jeese, I am really sorry to hear that.  I'll change the guide right now.....



Nerfgenius (author)2009-10-06

If you also add a rubber band on the end of the plunger ( grey part) you cauld get EVEN MORE RANGE

maxxxem (author)2009-09-23

you could always drill out the AR but that was interesting.. Any way nice job!

chuck_dee (author)2009-09-07

The black ring prevents your guns from breaking. I would leave it where it is. Nice mod

dji435 (author)chuck_dee2009-09-13

seriously? darn, I wish I could put it back together but I basically stripped all the screws putting it back together =P

chuck_dee (author)dji4352009-09-13

Aww, dont worry about this, anyway, i think you have 4 of them, right?

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