Nerf Grenade Launcher Attachment





Introduction: Nerf Grenade Launcher Attachment

Using meanbean's Nerf Hand-blaster , and a bit of ingenuity inspired from Call of Duty, I made an attachable mount for my modified Recon. I removed the attachment bit off an old Nerf attachment and used part of an Axe Deodorant Spray Can to make the mount, which works as a simple sight also. It's possible to place a flashlight too, so this is a great multifunctional attachment.

In terms of power Tests 2 and 4 has the launcher powered with two springs to add more distance when launching.  The ammo is large foam insulator for the grenade; material that is similar to stefans.

Step-By-Step coming soon!



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    could you read the url it says instruct in it

    Also, where did u get the tube from the mount?

    So, ive been playing around with this idea since about last november when i saw Meanbean's 'ible. What ive been trying to figure out though is a way to fire the thing without having to turn the bottom part by hand, with something that uses a trigger instead to turn the base. Ill upload pics in the next few days of what ive been working on so far. if you have any idea, id like to hear them. Thanks

    Great job! I made somthing simalar using maxxem's grenade launcher as a basis for mine, it fires green nerf balls up to 30 feet.

    Yeah, I saw that one too. With mine it goes to 30 feet too with my custom ammo as a grenade, and with darts it has a wide blast radius if you amp the power.

    For ammo, I used foam pipe insulator (similar to the material for stefans, only bigger.)

    read the comment, thanks for saying how you made that grenade of yours.

    any other ways to make a mount besides using body spray can parts, i mean, i plan on making a mount for my recon, but i really don't want to get some sort of deodorant or whatever. can you help?

    now that I think of it, i could use a PVC pipe and chop off some and hot-glue that to the think that attaches to the attachment rail.