Nerf Grenade Launcher (underslung)





Introduction: Nerf Grenade Launcher (underslung)

This is a working nerf grenade launcher. It fires a canister that holds 24 Chinese checkers balls. They have a high blast radius and create massive confusion and devastation!



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    If it works the way I think it does, its a film cansister filled with marbles, that is propelled by the spring which is held in by the pencil. I'm guessing the second pencil keeps the film canister from falling out of the tube. Im not sure what the other piece is though. Is the spring from a Longstrike, Longshot, or Raider?

    where did you get the spring? It looks rather powerful.

    where did you get the spring? It looks rather powerful.

    I have a new one coming that will explain the firing process. Stay tuned!

    I am new to this instructables thing and I am sorry. I will be making a new one with a step by step. I also need help on how to add the squares on the pic to explain the pic. Please help.

    I like the idea, but I do not understand how you make it work. Could you elaborate, maybe add a step-by-step?

    Please feel free to comment