Introduction: Nerf Grenade Launcher(demo)

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Step 1: Priming

Picture of Priming

You must take the priming stick and shove down into the launch tube. Next insert the firing pen. The spring should be compressed behind the firing pin. The pin in the back is never to be taken out,this holds the spring when fired.

Step 2: Loading the Canister

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Load the canister with the Chinese checkers balls and close the top.

Step 3: Loading the Canister in the Tube.

Picture of Loading the Canister in the Tube.

When loading the canister into the launch tube you must face the top to the back of the grenade launcher. This is for when the canister hits an object it will burst.

Step 4: Preparing to Fire

Picture of Preparing to Fire

To prepare a shot you must first settle the stock of the gun on your groin area or tightly on your shoulder.

Step 5: FIRE!

Picture of FIRE!

Simply pull the firing pin out of the launch tube to fire the weapon. The other picture is of my low explosive rounds blast radius.


LightningEagle14 (author)2015-01-14

What is a ostrau table? Plus I liked the part about aiming it. lol.

brysenwwe (author)2013-12-30

Sorry for the inconvenience but I have finally created an ostrau table explaining this contraption. Enjoy!

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