Picture of Nerf Gun Camouflage
I hope this instructable will show you have to camouflage your nerf sniper blaster. What you will need :
 Your Blaster (i used a long strike)
 Insulation Tape
 A small camo net (milatry style)
 A sight & magazine
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Step 1: Tapping up the edges

Picture of Tapping up the edges
Using the insulation tape black out the end of the barrel , the bottom of the magazine, orange loading cock and the end of the sight. 

Step 2: Adding on the camo net

Picture of Adding on the camo net
Fold the net length ways  and put the barrel across the net and roll it over about 3 times. The pull the rest of the net over the rest of the gun. Adjust it so that your head and shoulders can go under the net and that the barrel and scope have a clear line of sight..  

Step 3: The Finished Product

Picture of The Finished Product
This is the finished item.
elliot54455 months ago

maybe outside, but I think people would notice a big bush, even if it wasn't moving. ^_~

plumeri17 months ago
Use Vulcan,why not just make a gillie suit:/
This looks cool i will try it
Use an elite retaliator I have a long strike and it only shoots5ft but that is cool I'll try it
I_StarkGuy1 year ago
Looks pretty cool, except that the yellow gun series had not enough power to allow you to shoot from far away. But it is cool and adds the "pro" feeling and maybe will work on an elite gun.