This gives your darts more speed. It's super simple, which is cool if you only have a couple of minutes.

Step 1: Materials

What you need. Darts, glue, straws, and scissors.

Step 2: Cutting the Straw.

Gently push the straw up the dart until it stops. Cut the straw a bit too long so you can pull it out and put glue on(you can cut off excess after you pull it out).

Step 3: Glueing the Straw

Cover the first two thirds of the straw with glue. Insert into dart, glued end first.

Step 4: Your Finished!

Wait until glue is dry and repeat. Have fun shootin' people!
<p>i made the mod and i want my monez back boi. it was a waste of nerf eliete strike bullets and materiels</p>
How much farther do these darts go? Or is it just another dumb thing that dosent work and wastes money?
<p>It decreases range and accuracy. I made 1 and did multiple tests with different guns. Do not make</p>
i know right that happens to me on this web site telling you to cut of the tip of a stream line billit :[ lies and of coarse I tried it im so stupid and pluss it jammed my gun so i had to get another recon cs 6 wast of money shame on people that lie :l
<p>&quot;You're finished!&quot;, not &quot;Your finished!&quot;</p><p>&quot;Your&quot; - possessive adjective, e.g. &quot;that is *your* nerf gun&quot;</p><p>&quot;You're&quot; - contraction of &quot;you&quot; and &quot;are&quot;, e.g &quot;you're a tool&quot;</p>
<p>the mega darts can fit the small ones inside them makes them heavier and stiffer.</p>
<p>What about Mega darts? Those I always have problems with crumpling and being shaved, compressed, or ruined in a similar way due to the blaster.</p>
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i live in beijing china and 30 darts cost 98 RMB
Me 2. The best way to get darts is to buy them online, when a streamline costs around 0.5-1 yuan<br>
That or if your using the night finder take out the stick in the gun<br>
rockadio101,you didn't have to buy a new recon.my recon jams all the time all you have to do is grab some pliers and use the access to pull the dart out
In Finland 30 darts is 9,80 euros. That sucks.<br />
In soviet russia, the darts buy you
That joke is sooooo old
$10 for 50 AUSTRAILA&nbsp;WINS<br />
Yay <br> <br>i live in S.A <br>
me to :)<br>SA FTW
nerf killer: it is worth the darts because for five bucks you can get like, 15 to 20 darts
or &pound;5 for 30 :D<br /> the uk rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hell Yeah!
&nbsp;$5 for 25 darts in <br /> the US. <br /> That's Ok, i guess.<br /> A poem, i know right!
No, that still is a RIP OFF! Case and point.
whats the BIG diffrence'<em><strong></strong></em><br/>
I have also noticed, especially if you have the Recon CS-6 gun, that the reload action destroys the darts. after a week of playing, the ends of them got eaten up and they wouldn't reload properly thanks for the intructable!
Mine just cuts the darts in half for some unknown reason.
i think these r supposed to be for the six shooter thing<br />
yeah, mine did that too is there any way to prevent it?
so the straws make it where it doesnt tear the back cuz mine is starting to do that too
On all nerf darts are a tiny hole located at the head as seen w/ the dart to the far left. By inserting the straw it clogs up the hole so when the air enters the gun to the dart, instead of all that air exiting the round its pushing it 100%. At least I think it does...
kwl i never noticed that
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