Step 2: Upgrading: Part 1

Now it's time to make this thing work well. There are 3 ways that really help performance.

The first is to upgrade that big fat spring. It's found in the big orange cylinder. Right now it's about 2 inches in diameter and around 6 inches long. You have 3 choices. You can add a second spring, you can stretch it, or you can use a spring from an AR-15 assault rifle.

If you decide to stretch the spring, make sure you know what you're doing. Spring manufacturers know what they're doing. When you grab it and stretch it, it will work well for a few times before it gets worse than how it used to be. My bet would be that if you have to do this, you can stretch it, hit it with a blowtorch, and let it air-cool.

A second spring doesn't seem to help, unless it fits perfectly. The best thing to do is get one from the AR-15. They're about $15, and the same size except 11 inches long. You'll want to cut it down, but man will that thing help.
<p>Super Cool!</p>
<p>I did a mod to a Vulcan. I spent probably an hour getting it open, and ended up taking out one spring and a limiter. I works slightly better.</p>
thats pretty sick, im modifying one for a competition for an ipad, the thing that sucks about it... i cant keep the gun i make lol
Yeah, so am I....<br>So... wonder which of the other 19 you are....<br><br>Also, you know we are NOT allowed to modify the internals right?
How did it go?
I lost.. no biggie
Im entering too!<br>im a girl and im using my vulcan with dual mavericks
Here's something you could do that will be more powerful. make your own. If you get a bike pump, buy a nice spring, some lubricant, and some PVC you can assemble a powerful bike pump Nerf/Airsoft gun. I'm in the progress of making it and need some good lubricant for it, but the first test made a large crack in some soft foam. The Airsoft pellet i shot went all the way through the foam.
There's always two screws that WILL NOT come out. They're turning and everything. They just won't come out far enough to pull out.
Can anyone tell me if this would work in the &quot;longshot&quot;?<br>http://www.armseast.com/store/stock_parts/stag_arms_action_spring_carbine/
how did u take the drag bolt off i am having a really hard time takinf it apart
Grab a wide, flat bladed screwdriver. Carefully pry on the underside of one of the orange bolt handles. If it doesn't pop off, try the other side. Just keep trying until it pops off. It's a little unnerving, but it just pops off.
Another way of doing this is getting a hammer, putting the claw under the orange piece, and gently prying it. I saw this on a Vulcan mod, but never tried it on a Longshot.
If this is nerf modding 101 then y is it just about the longshot?
Nice touch on laying out the screws in the formation they would be if they were in the gun.
If you're going to end up buying gun parts for your nerf guns, why not just build your own nerf gun from scratch?
Anyone can make a dart shooter, the idea is to make people think you have a regular Nerf gun, when in fact you have a monstrous dart shooter that looks like a Nerf gun. Besides, the only gun part is just a spring.
did you use the washers or an o-ring. if you used an o-ring can you tell me how big it is.
I simply wrapped a couple of rubber bands where the o-ring was and it worked fine
thats a good idea. i have tried to hunt down any o-rings i have but they are all too fat, to big or too small.
how many rubber bands
could you use super glue or duct tape instead of using epoxy.
Just wondering if you could do these steps in any order or do some without others. <br> <br>Thanks.
You can do or skip whatever mods you want. You can also do them in any order. If you want, you can do one mod then try it out. If it's not enough, then dive back in and do another mod.
Their not called sniper rifles because the sniper is the person and the rifle is the firearm. So their called rifles.
hey guys! what diameter o ring did you guys replace the one in the longshot for? exact measurements would be nice, as i managed to break my original o ring! &gt;.&gt;
Also, you need to remove the air restricter. You see it if you look down the part where the dart goes, around the base of the peg. it actually pushes on the dart to launch it. It must be removed. when you look through the big orange cylinder, see the thing with 3 prongs on it. break those prongs, and pull out the thing it was attaching. if you can't get to it, push the part where the dart goes into the cylinder. it will push the piece with 3 prongs closer to the end of the cylinder. when you break the prongs, pull out the round piece in the middle, and a spring and the Air restricter should fall out. now, you should be able to see all the way through it. This will improve the ranges by 10-20 ft, but you can now damage things if you dry fire it (fire the gun without any dart in it).
when adding an extra spring, put a foam stick on pad on the end of the plunger that has the O-ring, it softens the blow so your gun doesnt crack<br>And you can remove the orange bit behind the cylinder, its non-essential.
use scotch magic tape over the hole, its very thin and seals it nicely
the only problem i have with mine is that the darts spiral out of control. Has anyone ever tried to get a barrel that fits the dart better to work?
make Stefans (yes, Stefans) instead, they are a &quot;home made&quot; dart variety. cheao, and WAY better than stock darts. look at your streamline dart (that's what the darts that come with the longshot are called), on the head, there's a hole. THAT is what's making them spiral out of control.
WAIT A MINUTE, an ACTUAL AR-15 Assault Rifle?!?! Sorry, but, WHERE THE HELL WILL I GET THAT?!?! You can't buy Ar-15's,......where am I supposed to get the spring from one?
Well, a quick Internet search yielded some valuable info. These springs are actually pretty easy to get, and can be had from various online sources. If you're old enough, you could walk into a gun store and they'd probably have or could get what you're after. Here's a link to an online store that sells these springs. I'm not affiliated with this store, nor have I purchased from them, but here's a good example of the spring. This is also an average price, about $10-$15. http://www.ar15outfitters.com/ATI-AR-15-Buffer-Spring_p_319.html
Ok, cool, thanks. But, I don't think the government would like me too much if I was ordering a part for an Assault Rifle.
These things have been in service since 1958, and have been sold to the general public (civilians) for decades as well. These things are all over the place, and the only ban on them was late '90s early 2000s, which was simply a ban on parts like front handles and other &quot;sinister&quot; modifications. If you really feel uncomfortable buying a spring, you can order a similar one from McMaster-Carr. Just measure your old one, find a similar one, and make sure it's a little stiffer than what the Nerf gun came with.
I know the Ar-15, you don't have to give me a history. But, Canada's gun laws REALLY suck. When I'm an adult I'm moving to the States just so I can own guns.
Young Instructables Troll, you apparently don't know what you're talking about - again. Why do you keep thinking everyone lives in Canada?
What?? I live in Canada, I was simply stating that, if I did live in America, buying an AR-15 assault rifle, WHOLE, would be a hell of a lot easier. Also, I'M NOT A TROLL, obviously.
Where can you get a ar15 spring please post link
Brownell's sells all manner of AR-15 parts. http://www.brownells.com/ You can find all variety of trigger group and buffer springs, depending on what you want to do with your nerf gun.
you can get them off ebay,sorry i cant get a link. they are around 15$.<br />
You also forgot a barrel replacement and re-breeching it.
You forgot to remove the air restrictors and reinforce the boltsled!
&nbsp;what also is to do is to put some tape &nbsp;underneath the o-ring and just use the same o ring<br /> that is what i did to my recon and it works fine for my
nice mod dude did you paint it also if you want to see a cool mod look up on youtube epic longshot this is beast also here is mine
thank you for that picture i was modding mine when icouldn't figure out how the barrel goes thanx
giveing the gun more range is easy u see all u need is a recon spring and nitfinder spring witch then add that to the ar removeing and it fires well.<br /> <br /> mine does and it gets about 50-70 depending on the darts.
&nbsp;which side do i remove the bolt on? left or right side?
It doesn't really matter. Whichever side &quot;feels&quot; like it's going to come off is the one you'll want to try removing it from.<br />

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