Step 2: Upgrading: Part 1

Picture of Upgrading: Part 1
Now it's time to make this thing work well. There are 3 ways that really help performance.

The first is to upgrade that big fat spring. It's found in the big orange cylinder. Right now it's about 2 inches in diameter and around 6 inches long. You have 3 choices. You can add a second spring, you can stretch it, or you can use a spring from an AR-15 assault rifle.

If you decide to stretch the spring, make sure you know what you're doing. Spring manufacturers know what they're doing. When you grab it and stretch it, it will work well for a few times before it gets worse than how it used to be. My bet would be that if you have to do this, you can stretch it, hit it with a blowtorch, and let it air-cool.

A second spring doesn't seem to help, unless it fits perfectly. The best thing to do is get one from the AR-15. They're about $15, and the same size except 11 inches long. You'll want to cut it down, but man will that thing help.
peekeez3 years ago
Can anyone tell me if this would work in the "longshot"?
clafer4 years ago
If you're going to end up buying gun parts for your nerf guns, why not just build your own nerf gun from scratch?
pinstripebob (author)  clafer4 years ago
Anyone can make a dart shooter, the idea is to make people think you have a regular Nerf gun, when in fact you have a monstrous dart shooter that looks like a Nerf gun. Besides, the only gun part is just a spring.
when adding an extra spring, put a foam stick on pad on the end of the plunger that has the O-ring, it softens the blow so your gun doesnt crack
And you can remove the orange bit behind the cylinder, its non-essential.
JamesTB135 years ago
WAIT A MINUTE, an ACTUAL AR-15 Assault Rifle?!?! Sorry, but, WHERE THE HELL WILL I GET THAT?!?! You can't buy Ar-15's,......where am I supposed to get the spring from one?
pinstripebob (author)  JamesTB135 years ago
Well, a quick Internet search yielded some valuable info. These springs are actually pretty easy to get, and can be had from various online sources. If you're old enough, you could walk into a gun store and they'd probably have or could get what you're after. Here's a link to an online store that sells these springs. I'm not affiliated with this store, nor have I purchased from them, but here's a good example of the spring. This is also an average price, about $10-$15. http://www.ar15outfitters.com/ATI-AR-15-Buffer-Spring_p_319.html
Ok, cool, thanks. But, I don't think the government would like me too much if I was ordering a part for an Assault Rifle.
pinstripebob (author)  JamesTB135 years ago
These things have been in service since 1958, and have been sold to the general public (civilians) for decades as well. These things are all over the place, and the only ban on them was late '90s early 2000s, which was simply a ban on parts like front handles and other "sinister" modifications. If you really feel uncomfortable buying a spring, you can order a similar one from McMaster-Carr. Just measure your old one, find a similar one, and make sure it's a little stiffer than what the Nerf gun came with.
I know the Ar-15, you don't have to give me a history. But, Canada's gun laws REALLY suck. When I'm an adult I'm moving to the States just so I can own guns.
Young Instructables Troll, you apparently don't know what you're talking about - again. Why do you keep thinking everyone lives in Canada?
What?? I live in Canada, I was simply stating that, if I did live in America, buying an AR-15 assault rifle, WHOLE, would be a hell of a lot easier. Also, I'M NOT A TROLL, obviously.
arktouros15 years ago
Where can you get a ar15 spring please post link
Brownell's sells all manner of AR-15 parts. http://www.brownells.com/ You can find all variety of trigger group and buffer springs, depending on what you want to do with your nerf gun.
I cant get the spring but i can get another one online

P.S.  My first longshot cracked from a HHHHHHUUUUUUGGGGGGGGEEEEEEEE spring.
ps586075 years ago
You can use the spring found inside the plastic toilet paper holders at the dollar store. It works really well.
mod5866 years ago
Anyone have any suggestions on were to get a AR 15 spring?
bsblade6 years ago
i used a rather strong spring inside of the original spring and now it won't stay cocked, do you have any suggestions on how to beef up the cocking mechanism?
Capt. Kidd6 years ago
put a recon cs-6 spring inside the longshot spring.
ibraud7 years ago
Are you talking about an AR-15 stock buffer spring?

like this? http://dynamicarmament.com/items/ar-15-mil-spec-parts/spring-buffer-bufferpring-detail.htm
pinstripebob (author)  ibraud7 years ago
Yes, that is correct. Thanks for the link!
how much should you cut it to?
Jhonnyblitz6 years ago
food for thought: I've heard that if you use to strong of a spring it will eventually break the cocking mechanism.
asterisk8906 years ago
Do you have a suggestion for someone who can't get an AR-15 spring?
pinstripebob (author)  asterisk8906 years ago
Get a longer spring. The only hard part about that is finding one, but you might be able to get one at a hardware store or farm supply store.
ok, thanks
I mean, other than a second spring or stretching it, since you seem to be implying that both of those methods don't work well.