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In this instuctable, you will make a nerf gun mod for the NERF N-STRIKE LONGSHOT CS-6 nerf gun. It will pretty much make it shoot alot faster and farther. Its my first instructable, so bear with me. And sorry, I made the gun and then realized i should have taken pictures of the steps. The pictures will not match up with the steps, they are just there for visual effects.

Step 1: You will need...

Picture of You will need...
1- 2" PVC Pipeing-9 inches
1- 2" PVC End Cap
1- 2" PVC Coupling
1- 2" by 1/2" PVC Bushing(half inch is to be threaded)
1- 3/8" Ball Valve
2- 3/8" Close Nipples(what it says on the receipt)
1- 1/2" by 3/8" Brass Pipe Bushing
1- 3/8" by 3/8" Tube to pipe converter
1- 3/8" Braded PVC Tubing( 12 inches)
PVC Cement
Teflon Tape
Strong tape( i used duct tape)
Bike pump or air compressor

Look at the pic on the previous page to see a picture of all ingredients.
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DSJesterXII2 years ago
Ohdamn. Put big bore hunting pellet in that damn thing.
I've seen Nerf guns better than that,DUDE
jumpingcat4 years ago
Muhahahahaha!!!! I smell waffles
sirodim904 years ago
Isn't this too complicated to be nerf?
Approximately how much does all this cost?
over 9000 pounds!
i do belive you are not familiar with the meme. then again there are-- OVER 9000!!
zack2474 years ago
maybe a valve like those used in compressiion guage will work? it is just a button and when you press it the air is all let out instantly.
i will try this with my now broken nerf gun.
Karim8 years ago
That's sweet i'll if you want to make the gun more fun, stick a needle or nail through the back of the dart and push it through until it comes through the top of the dart, and then you have a hunting dart!!! I did it to my n-strike nite finder
Morriscow Karim5 years ago
 i did that to my longshot
it takes a while to figure out the perfect length though

(Ubuntu does too)
Also, if one is going to use this on the field, then it seems like a bit of an unwieldy process to pump it up with a bike pump or an air compressor. Is there a way to tape the bike pump onto the gun as well? Would that work?
perhaps interchangable air chambers?
you could have a small compressor, like one small enough to fit into a back pack, and have it connected to the fill valve. if the compressor has a lock on the head, then your good. simply use a smaller section of pvc pipe, so that your pressure builds quicker, then you essentially have an unlimited amount of air, pressure, and power! (without the pain of carrying the compressor by hand.
Does it have to be 3/8" can it be 1/2"?
yes, actually, it does to fit inside the barrel. the othe way around would fit outside the barrel.
If it's outside the barrel, does that make it better?
no. in fact, that makes it worse because there will always be some air that leaks on a pipe that fits around the other one if said pipe is the source, while if said pipe is the destination it doesn't lower the pressure at all.
Well it's a good thing I didn't do that.
yep. anyway, gotta get back to work on my railgun minigun.
why even use a a nerf gun
"brings out modded vulcan*
i mean just use a pvc barrel instead of the nerf gun shell better range
not necessarily. some people replace the barrel with a PVC pipe; some choose brass, and some, like me, just plug thew bleeder holes with epoxy.
modmaster (author) 6 years ago
SORRY GUYS I HAVENT BEEN ON INSTRUCBLES FOR A WHILE haha..spiderdog, teflon or the liquid sealant you can buy at any hardware store. also it can be any side pcv you want and it only cost me about $15 at home depot, but i had some of the parts already..also add the gauge on the end of the pcv cap with the bike valve..and yes, PLEASE use eye protection..MYBUSTERS FOR LIFE
Thanks! I successfully made the mod and it works REALLY WELL.
What should I use to seal this part? More teflon tape?
Where would you put the gauge if you added one?
qon duixote6 years ago
just a reminder because I didn't see it on here, PLEASE use pressure rated pipe it's usually white with blue letters providing the rating, the gray stuff called conduit or drainage pipe isn't built to hold pressure, it'd probably hold the 20 psi but it's not worth the 20 cents you'd be saving. Make sure you pressure test the system before you go lining up the sights with the pressurized tubing next to your face. By the way Eye Protection is cool, just like on Mythbusters
yay another mythbusters fan!
data23 Gamer9176 years ago
if ur on instructables, chances r. . . ur a mythbusters fan!
And if you use texts like ur r lik Chances are you either use Myspace of text on a phone! Mythbusters is awesome!
I like it, but you can get more range with the sniper pistol. Maybe replacing the pvc with a soda bottle for higher psi, and some barrel modifications.
I made something like this but only out of PVC and those darts leave huge bruises. I usualy pump it to 150psi.
Speedmite6 years ago
So basically a potato cannon cross bred with nerf? Well in that case all I need is a smaller barrel to put on instead of the potato one. 60psi in a 1/2inch tube here I come! This should go farther than potatoes! OH! And them screamer darts would be awsome!!!!
tony stark7 years ago
Pancakes is rite. On every Nerf gun it says do not mod. You could mod it but not major ones like this.
dude, it shoots foam darts!
hahahah burn.
It is a foam dart. plus, stock guns SUCK.
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